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The Reputation Exchange Plc Announces New Chairman, New CTO and New Technology Partner

LONDON, Jan. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Reputation Exchange Plc. (REPX), announces the appointments of Francesco De Leo as new Executive Chairman of the Board at REPX, of Giuseppe Roberto Marseglia as new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Syntonize as new Technology Partner as developer of new four fintech products.

The new Chairman, Francesco De Leo has extensive experience and accomplishments as Executive Director and Board Member. Francesco has been Executive Director at IFIL (now Exor Stock Symbol EXO, 17 Billion Market Cap), Managing Director of Telecom Italia (TIM, Stock Symbol TIT, 10 Billion Market Cap) and Chairman of STET International, (invested $7.7 Billion). Furthermore, Francesco De Leo has been member of the team that bought out WIND from ENEL, representing the largest leveraged buy-out for TELCOS in Europe (€12.5 Billion). Francesco is also a Board Member of Graviton (La Jolla, California) a leading company in the field of wireless sensory networks (M2M communication), which was selected by Fortune as one of the "Cool Companies" in 2002, backed by Qualcomm, Intel, Motorola and Member of the C4 International Advisory Board of Capgemini. In 1999, Francesco De Leo was elected as one of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum. Francesco has a PHD in Economy from UCLA.

The new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Giuseppe Roberto Marseglia has an extensive experience in the digital world particularly in managing large digital projects. Giuseppe Roberto is CEO at Daat, an excellence center for Artificial Intelligence, and has been Innovation and Digital Transformation Manager for international strategic consulting firms. His focus is managing Open Innovation programs and exploiting opportunities given by Artificial Intelligence. Giuseppe Roberto has been a contract Professor in Automation Engineering at the University of Pavia and has also worked as visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. He published several scientific articles on stochastic fault tolerant control that earned him the Automatica Best Paper Award. He received a PhD in Automation Engineering co-advised by the University of Pavia and the MIT (Massachusett Institute of Technology). Giuseppe Roberto is an active member of The Aspen Institute Junior Fellows in Italy and mentor of Mentors4U and LeadTheFuture.

The new Technology Partner, Syntonize (Madrid) https://www.syntonize.com/en/home-en/ has an important track record in empowering the growth of companies by facilitating the connection between brands and consumers in digital environments, not only in Spain but also in the rest of the world. Syntonize has worked for Barclay, Iberia, Novotel, Wavo, Dubai Properties. Syntonize will accompany the process of digital transformation of REPX with tailored and innovative solutions and specifically develop with REPX the new Products: the Two Chips Card, the QR Card, the Fashion Card, and the SDG 25+5 city cards.

About REPX: REPX, a UK-based company, is offering innovative technology services to create a "reputation marketplace" that monetizes the reputation of celebrities, sports personalities and brands, while safeguarding digital identity, promoting community and encouraging fun interaction among people that share the same passion.

For more information about The Reputation Exchange Plc and its products, please visit: www.therepx.com



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