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ReputationChanger.com Reviews Reputation Defense Tactics for Job Seekers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Dec 20, 2012) - These days, nearly everyone uses social networks -- and according to a recent article from Business 2 Community, that includes employers and recruiting managers, who are becoming more and more prone to scouring social networks before committing to hire a job applicant. The article notes that employers are increasingly keen to ensure that they are finding employees who bring true value and integrity to the company, something that a mere resume or a brief job interview cannot fully convey; thus, employers do their due diligence by turning to Facebook and other social platforms. This trend has won the attention of ReputationChanger.com; the company has weighed in with a new statement to the press.

"ReputationChanger.com reviews all the latest social media trends, and what we have discovered is that social networks are being used by a lot of recruiters to more thoroughly evaluate job applicants, and to weed out any potential 'red flag' candidates," notes ReputationChanger.com CEO Cliff Stein in the company's press statement. "Employers can turn to your Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile and get to know you better on a personal level as well as a professional one -- and ultimately, that means that social networks provide tremendous opportunities for job seekers to shine."

They also provide opportunities for job seekers to hurt themselves, something Stein warns against. "It is vital for job seekers to be discriminating and wise about what they publish on their Facebook pages," notes Stein. "This article is right in saying that a little bit of mindfulness can go a long way."

Stein goes on to explain some of the potential Facebook pratfalls that job seekers can run into. "The classic example is of the slovenly, drunken photo, which can make a person seem a lot less desirable to employers, but there are plenty of other ways in which a Facebook profile can do more harm than help," Stein explains. "For example, risqué humor can often cause a job candidate to lose some luster among potential employers. That does not mean people cannot or should not have fun on Facebook, but, when seeking work, remember that there is really no good reason to engage in offensive humor."

The ReputationChanger.com executive also notes that managing one's social media privacy settings can be a good way of managing one's online reputation. "At the very least, you can set Facebook to display your photos and images to friends only, not to potential recruiters," he affirms. "This can be a good way to help you ward off any trouble from less-than-flattering pictures that might emerge."

With that said, Stein says that simply cranking up the privacy controls or leaving social networks altogether are not necessarily the best approaches. "It is important to build up a strong social profile, something that employers will find and that will help cast you in a positive and professional light," Stein explains. "Having a well-maintained Facebook page, combined with a good LinkedIn page, can really help you to create a compelling online profile, one that will prove alluring to potential employers."

Stein continues to note that job applicants should not view social networks simply as traps, but as opportunities as well. "A LinkedIn profile can be powerful in providing information on your professional achievements, and in much the same way, a Facebook page can enable you to depict yourself as a good citizen, a charitable giver, a lover of family, and a well-rounded person," he says. "The key is to be discerning, and to remember that your online reputation is always a pressing concern."

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