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RepuX Launches a Sharing Ethereum-Backed Data Platform

The Token Sale market is growing from strength to strength and the caliber of start-ups and projects have certainly been on the rise since the early days.

A company currently in its pre-sale Token sale is RepuX. RepuX is taking a variety of decentralized blockchain technologies, including Ethereum, to deliver a protocol that enables data producers to increase earnings from their data output by streamlining the circulation process, targeting small to medium-sized business.

The RepuX platform will allow business to sell anonymised data and earn RepuX tokens, with the platform already live and usable and not just a white paper.

When considering the amount of data that sits in electronic storage and unused, the very fact that the data can now be uploaded and shared on the RepuX platform means that smaller sized companies will be able to share their works in the RepuX marketplace, without having to go out into the real world and try to find interested parties, with the global nature of RepuX bringing down cross-border issues faced by many companies.

On the other side of the coin, small and medium-sized companies will also have access to much-needed data to progress and streamline existing and up and coming projects in order to increase the probability of success, without having to hire the world’s leading developers, which the smaller companies are certainly unable to afford. Such a marketplace levels the playing field, with David able to fight more successfully against Goliath for market share.

The RepuX token pre-sale started on 17th November 2017 and is scheduled to end on 23rd January 2018, with the token sale starting on 6th February and ending on 9th March 2018.

40% of proceeds from the RPX token sale will be used to cover development costs, 25% for marketing, 20% for partnerships and 15% for operations, with a total supply of 500,000,000 RepuX tokens at an estimated price of 1 RepuX to US$0.20, with prices, discounted on a rising scale from a 50% presale discount to a 10% discount on 2nd March.

Interested parties can access more information from the RepuX website.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire