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Research Key for Prudent Stock Market Investment, Says 1Wealth Trading

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) -  According to a recent article from Investors.com, many stock market investors base their trades off chart factors alone, never taking the time to learn about the companies in which they are investing -- a strategy that has earned the attention of 1Wealth Trading. 1Wealth, which provides stock market trading programs to investors all over the world, has responded to the Investors.com article with a new statement to the press.

The article itself notes that investors who wish to "stalk big winners" are prudent to take a long-term approach, looking beyond day-to-day market performance and instead learning about the overall health of the companies in which they are buying stock. The article offers a number of avenues through which investors can find corporate information, including investor conference calls and even company websites.

Meanwhile, in its press statement, 1Wealth Trading notes that research is, indeed, prudent -- but that "stalking big winners" is not necessarily the best approach to an investment portfolio. "If you're stalking the big winners you need to do a lot of analysis on the company and its fundamentals," 1Wealth confirms. "But from our experience, stalking big winners is not the easiest way to generate an income from the stock market, especially for new investors. Trying to find one company that goes up 100 percent is a lot harder than finding 10 companies that go up by 10 percent."

The 1Wealth Trading statement elaborates on this strategy. "It is standard for short-term traders to buy companies based on chart analysis without needing to know about the company itself, and that method has brought our firm and our clients a lot of success. 1Wealth clients are looking for a consistent income, taking a series of small gains and reinvesting those profits is the easiest way to achieve that. If you are not happy with a steady, consistent income then you probably need to go after the 'big winner.' If that's the case, definitely do the research and understand all the risks before getting involved."

The Investors.com article says that investors who do wish to learn more about specific companies can look not only to the "investor" sections of each company website, but also to more general financial sites, such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and beyond.

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