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Respect Network Announces New Development and Verification Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2012) - Respect Network, the world's first open network for the trusted exchange of personal data, today announced that Allfiled and OwnYourInfo have joined as Development Partners, and Edentiti has joined as a Verification Partner. Each of these companies offers new technologies or services that empower individuals to control the sharing of their personal information online.

"The Respect Network is a decentralized multi-provider network that enables individuals to choose a trusted service provider to enable them to more easily, safely, and profitably share their personal data online, just like they can choose a bank to exchange money," said Respect Network Managing Director Drummond Reed. "Allfiled and OwnYourInfo are pioneers in creating these new personal data services in the U.K. and the U.S., and Edentiti's online identity verification service is already used by over 80 companies across Australia."

Allfiled is a personal data services provider, building tools that help people get stuff done in a secure, empowering, privacy-enabled way. "We fully recognize and endorse that this new industry will necessarily be built out as a network of providers architecting themselves around individuals and their needs," said Product Director Iain Henderson. "We are delighted to join the Respect Network, who is helping to make this vision real."

OwnYourInfo is a personal data store for safe, organized and efficient access and distribution of sensitive and routine personal information. "Convincing customers to keep their personal data online is all about trust; OwnYourInfo joined the Respect Network to demonstrate to our customers that their trust in our service is paramount," said founder and CEO Mark L. Black. "We are convinced that initiatives like the Respect Network are foundational to our emerging industry."

Edentiti's Australian-based online identity verification service recently won the Novay Digital Identity Award for the best new concept or product in the field of digital identity. "Edentiti provides legal entities with the services to be their own identity providers," said Kevin Cox, Founder of Edentiti. "Since this enables both users and businesses to control their own digital identity, Edentiti services fit easily within the Respect Network framework."

Respect Network launched the Founding Partner Program in the spring of 2012 to enlist companies committed to the strong personal data control protections of the award-winning Respect Trust Framework. Neustar, one of the world's leading trusted neutral network service providers, and Swisscom, Switzerland's leading telecom provider and one of the most trusted brands in Europe, are the first two Commercial Partners. Other Founding Partners include Kynetx, The Customer's Voice, Project Danube, Gluu, Planetwork, Bitworld, Miicard, BioID, Virtrue, TrustCloud, Ctrl-Shift and The Searls Group.

The Founding Partners will be meeting and giving demonstrations of interoperable digital identity and personal data technologies at the Internet Identity Workshop being held October 23-25 in Mountain View, CA.

Respect Network will soon begin inviting select global brands to participate in this new consortium, enabling them to empower and connect directly with customers in a way that has never been possible. For more information, visit www.respectnetwork.com.

About Respect Network Corporation
Respect Network is the world's first trusted personal data network. All members subscribe to the Respect Trust Framework; the new model for personal data sharing that is listed with the Open Identity Exchange and won the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference. Individuals can join the Respect Network today through the Connect.Me social relationship manager available at http://connect.me/.

About Allfiled
Allfiled, founded in 2007, provides a personal data service to individuals, and white label personal data services to large organisations and entrepreneurs wishing to enter the personal data ecosystem either as service providers or application developers. Our strong belief is that the individual will become the optimal point of integration and origination for data about themselves, and that this will enable step change improvements in how customer-supplier relationships are managed and run. For more information see http://www.allfiledsolutions.com.

About OwnYourInfo
OwnYourInfo is a personal data store for safe, organized and efficient access and distribution of sensitive and routine personal information. OwnYourInfo was developed as a convenient but secure way to break the paradigm of inefficient and faulty paper-based personal information management systems, and to go a step beyond document storage applications by focusing on the data itself rather than files. The web and iPhone app provide individuals with a curated set of information templates to help individuals get organized, and a document management system for storing and encrypting sensitive files. Individuals can use OwnYourInfo to share their organized information more efficiently with their trusted contacts. Visit https://ownyourinfo.com to learn more.

About Edentiti
Edentiti provides ways for individuals and organisations to keep track of, and supply, information about themselves. Edentiti systems are classified as user managed access systems and are designed around generally accepted privacy principles. Keeping the release of private information under user control results in private, fraud resistant, efficient and operationally low risk electronic transactions. For more information visit http://www.edentiti.com.au/.