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Respected Brandon, FL Dentist Relieves Denture Pain through Stable Implant Supported Dentures

Trusted dentist, Dr. John Cherry, resolves denture pain for patients in Brandon, FL through implant supported dentures, both improving denture appliance stabilization and increasing patient confidence.

BRANDON, Fla., July 11, 2019 -- Dr. John Cherry, a respected dentist in Brandon, FL, relieves denture pain through the placement of reliable implant supported dentures. Dental implants provide the stabilization necessary to keep dentures from moving and causing friction against the gums and cheek. With this implant supported denture treatment, Dr. Cherry not only improves oral health, but also boosts the confidence of patients experiencing loose, ill-fitting dentures.

Those who are missing all their teeth and have opted for traditional dentures often report of dentures becoming loose and causing pain. This discomfort can stem from any number of problems, such as dentures that are slipping, fall out while talking or feel uncomfortable when biting down. "Over time, people get tired of using adhesives and having the denture fall and slip," explains Dr. Cherry. One method of permanently solving these concerns for ideal candidates is through implant supported dentures.

Instead of being secured by suction and adhesive gels, implant supported dentures are held firmly against the gums by dental implants. The dental implant posts are surgically embedded into the jawbone, creating stable anchors for the denture appliance. When in place, the custom-constructed denture sits atop the dental implants, taking pressure off the bite and helping patients get relief from traditional denture pain.

In addition to improving the comfort level for denture wearers, implant supported dentures stop bone deterioration. Bone loss is a common effect of missing teeth and will continue until the bone is stimulated by a root-like structure such as a dental implant post.

Patients who receive implant supported dentures often experience a rise in self-esteem and an increase in oral function. Many also report the ability to eat a wider variety of foods than they were able to with traditional dentures, due to the secure fit of the implant supported dentures.

Dr. Cherry strives to reduce the denture pain of any individual experiencing it. Those interested in setting up a consultation with Dr. Cherry can do so with or without a referral by calling 813-684-4777 or by visiting http://www.drjohncherry.com.

About the Dentist

Dr. John M. Cherry provides personalized, convenient, and comprehensive dental care to the Brandon, FL, community. Having been in the area for over 30 years, Dr. Cherry takes pride in being able to build long-lasting relationships with his patients through supportive, compassionate care and by practicing the art of listening. Dr. Cherry is trained by the prestigious Pankey Institute for advanced dental education and the Midwest Implant Institute for implant surgery and is skilled at many dental procedures, including placing and restoring dental implants. He and his team are passionate about creating a friendly and welcoming office environment and exceptional dental services in a modern facility that keep patients returning for oral health care for years to come. To learn more about the practice, please call the office at 813-684-4777 or visit http://www.drjohncherry.com.