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Restaurant Scans Faces, Lets the Beautiful Eat Free

Yahoo Tech


A restaurant in Zhengzhou, China, is experimenting with allowing customers to pay with a new form of currency — their beauty.

As originally reported by Xinhua, China’s official news agency, the restaurant uses a “face scanner” to take a picture of customers before they’re seated. Both the beautiful and wannabe hotties are then judged on their appearance by a panel of “experts,” who are actually plastic surgeons the restaurant has some sort of joint promotion agreement with. Those who meet posted standards according to the judges eat at the restaurant, called Jeju Island, for free.

Makes you wonder how anyone can still be hungry after hearing about the deal. Barfing seems like the more appropriate response.


Local authorities in the city of Zhengzhou also were not impressed, according to The Telegraph, particularly by the rather grotesque sign advertising “Free meal for good-looking” outside the Korean eatery. The local government took down the sign, but the restaurant’s owners have vowed that despite the advertising faux pas, the promotion will continue.

If you happen to be in Zhengzhou and you’re hungry, the word is that protruding foreheads are considered an advantage among the judges. Good to know there’s one place in the galaxy where Klingons can get a free meal.

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