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Restaurant Seeks Line Cook Who Will Say Yes To Everything And Show Up For Work Even When 'Sick As A Dog'

Vivian Giang
Farm Bloomington Restaurant

JHTaylor via flickr

The kitchen at Farm Bloomington Restaurant in Indiana.

The restaurant Farm Bloomington in Indiana recently placed an ad on Craigslist with 44 over-the-top requirements for a line cook position, including that the candidate:

  • Never complain

  • Never be sick.

  • Only answer "yes, chef" or "oui, chef."

  • "Always show up for work, even if sick as a dog. Let the chef see that you're really sick and send you home."

  • Can handle anything that is thrown at you with a smile.

  • Able to work double shifts for many days without days off.

Harry Shafer, a general manager at FARM Bloomington, told The Daily Mail that a sous  chef put up the job posting "without reading it thoroughly. "

Shafer told FoxNews.com that sick employees are " most often just hungover, so it is our policy that the managers decide if they cannot work."

The job ad has since been removed from Craigslist, but you can find a copy of the entire ad at HappyPlace . According to its web site, Farm Bloomington seems to be a laid back, nice American cuisine restaurant with most entree items priced around $20. The restaurant uses local foods and ingredients and the menu changes seasonally.

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