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When Will Restrictions on Cruise Ships be Lifted?

·3 min read

Should Cruise Ships Reopen During the Pandemic?

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESWIRE / December 31, 2020 / There have been many industries that suffered especially due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Outside of the traditional shutdowns in restaurants and retail establishments, there are serious concerns over the viability of other businesses. This includes the role of transport. While airlines have held on by a thread, cruise ships are nearly dead.

Ripple Effects

Indeed, the effects of the pandemic are still being felt across the industry. Not only is it affecting the passengers themselves but also the thousands of workers dependent on the industry. Ports of call and tourist dependent companies suffered due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

One of the largest concerns is about the spread of the Coronavirus on the cruise ships. Furthermore, the cramped conditions in the ship also means that the virus could spread especially quickly. Furthermore, prior to the outbreak of the virus there were considerable numbers of close, mingling people on the cruise ships. The interior of the rooms and the spaces in the cruise ships create vectors for the virus to spread further.

Hence, this is one of the major reasons why cruise ships are one of the major places the virus first spread. Some of the first news stories outside of China were about Americans traveling on cruise ships overseas. The conditions meant that the virus continued to spread rapidly onboard.

When Will Cruise Ships Go Back Online?

This leaves the question of when cruise ships will reopen as a whole. Furthermore, Ehline Law covers some of the key elements of cruise ship safety.

Furthermore, the question is a key one in the industry itself. The CDC lifted the overall ban on sailing but the true question is when sailing will continue overall. Unfortunately, it seems as if the risk of the disease means that the cruise companies will not see conditions go back to normal anytime soon. Furthermore, this may also include waiting until enough Americans get the vaccine. As cited earlier:

Cruise Lines in the U.S. have already announced another round of suspensions through February 2021. It's going to take time to implement new measures including trial sailings and training the crew. Some ships have already arrived in Florida to begin preparations.

There is a firm hope that the pandemic will soon allow for the cruise industry to reopen. This would be not only for the company members but also the potential cruise passengers. Hopefully this will be an opportunity for cruise companies to reevaluate safety operations. Considering the high number of injuries and deaths on cruise liners prior to the pandemic, this is a major opportunity to learn from the severe issues.

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SOURCE: Ehline Law Firm

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