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Retired Mississippi Investigator Releases Shocking Tell-all on Corrupt Doctors

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Healers or Dealers?: True Investigative Stories of Corrupt Doctors released with Foundations Book Publishing Company on October 26th

BRANDON, Miss., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

Healers or Dealers? by Richard P. Allison
Healers or Dealers? by Richard P. Allison

Do no harm?

Who needs to read this book? Anyone who goes to see a physician for medical care. - Richard P. Allison

There is an innate trust built into us since childhood that our doctor spent years learning and studying how to help people. But what if that trust is broken? Are they all brought to justice for the confidences they've betrayed and the countless lives they've helped ruin?

In Healers or Dealers?, readers get a front-row seat to the jaw-dropping true accounts written by the retired investigator who experienced them and attempted to hold these doctors accountable. His stories show a direct correlation between doctors' questionable conduct with illegal administrating, dispensing, and prescribing of opioids and the craze that plagues our nation today. Couple this with the addictions that unwaveringly rival those we see in the worst of America's inner cities…

And a pharmaceutical opioid epidemic is born.

"Why did I write Healers or Dealers?" Richard writes to his followers on his Facebook business page. "To paraphrase portions of a conversation between King George VI and Winston Churchill in the early stages of WWII, King George advised Churchill that the public must be led, not misled, and that we must give the public the unvarnished truth. I adopted that philosophy in the writing of Healers or Dealers? in order to inform and protect the public, which is supposed to be the primary purpose of all medical/regulatory boards. The news is chock-full of 'reasons' for the pharmaceutical opioid epidemic but seldom is the root cause exposed. As I stated in the book, most medical doctors are well-trained and perform as prescribed, but there is a nefarious element within the medical community that very few people know exists. This book is a mere sampling of what evil is out there. Who needs to read this book? Anyone who goes to see a physician for medical care."

Healers or Dealers? is on sale for release week and hit #1 in the Medical Law and Legislation, Health Risk and Assessment, Pharmacology Pain Medicine, and Family General Practice categories within the first twenty-four hours on Amazon. It's currently available for purchase in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats through all online retail sites.

Richard P. Allison was the Chief Investigator for the MS State Board of Medical Licensure for approximately nineteen years. During that time, he was recognized by the DEA for significant contributions in the field of Controlled Substance Pharmaceutical Diversion Investigations. He received the 1993 United States Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General's Integrity Award for contributions to HHS to improve the quality of medicine practiced in Mississippi.

Facebook: @RichardPAllisonAuthor; Website: www.richardallisonauthor.com

Praise for Healers or Dealers?:
"In these pages, Allison compiles 22 of his most compelling cases in a chilling narrative of medical and pharmaceutical corruption...His stories are as absorbing as a police procedural as he describes the work of undercover agents, sting operations, corrupt judges who refused to sign warrants against physicians they knew, and doctors and pharmacists who covered for colleagues. His attitudes are firmly grounded in law and procedure, but he also effectively reveals how he takes his mission to heart, offering respectful advice for a drug addict physician who confesses and cooperates and admitting lifelong regret regarding a pharmacist he was unable to indict...An engrossing look into the work of those who investigate flagrant medical malpractice." - Kirkus Reviews

"Some doctors make mistakes which are totally accidental. A few other doctors are intentional in their mistakes; fueled by greed, they kneel at the altar of the almighty dollar. I call them "dragons". This is a book about slaying those "dragons". -Jones E. Allison Jr. "Pete", United States Secret Service, Special Agent – Retired

"Absolutely maddening! Unbelievable. I knew some doctors were bad but I truly had no idea of the extent of the pill/drug trade some of them engage in. Richard Allison has written a truly engrossing book detailing his years as an investigator with Mississippi's state medical board. Readers will be absolutely shocked at what some doctors get away with and the lengths they go to keep their illegal drug use and overprescribing active...It is well worth the read." -Inkysreviews Blog

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Author Richard P. Allison
Author Richard P. Allison

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