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Retired but Want To Work? Try These 7 Jobs for Nature Lovers

Many American seniors actually work during their “retirement,” and there are a number of reasons to do so. While some may need the money to supplement their Social Security or other retirement income, others simply want to keep occupied, continue socializing or earn a little money doing something they love.

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If you’re a nature lover, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up some extra income while still enjoying the great outdoors. In some cases, you can actually earn a relatively high amount of money working part-time during your retirement years. Here are several jobs that are commonly available for seniors, with a focus on those that would appeal to nature lovers.

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Park Ranger

  • Average salary: $15-$35 per hour

While many American kids dream of being a park ranger when they grow up, few actually end up doing so. When you’re retired, however, it could be a great opportunity to dust off those childhood dreams and head into the wild.

Many ranger jobs are seasonal in nature, meaning you wouldn’t have to commit to working a full-time job year-round, and average pay ranges from $15 to $20 per hour. However, in some areas of the country, like California, rangers can earn $25-$35 per hour or even more.


  • Average salary: $17-$20+ per hour

Not everyone lives close to a zoo or animal sanctuary, but if you do and you’re a nature lover, those are definitely places you should check out. You could spend your days caring and feeding for animals, teaching guests about wildlife, or just helping to keep the environment clean and safe. Regardless of your assigned duties, you’ll be spending your time among nature and animals, all while earning $17-$20 or even more per hour.

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Travel Writer

  • Average salary: Variable

If you enjoy travel, you’ve no doubt been inspired at some point along the way by the descriptions of places you’ve read about. This is the power of the travel writer.

If your retirement plan involves traveling the world and you love the idea of capturing the sights, sounds and smells of the places you visit, this could turn into an income-generating option for you. While you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money at first, if you can build an online following or catch the eye of a publishing house with your musings, you could generate ongoing and sustainable revenue.

Dog Walker

  • Average salary: $15-$20 per hour

Walking dogs in your spare time might be one of the easiest jobs you could get as a senior, and it comes with innumerable benefits. From spending your time playing with “man’s best friend” to being forced to go outside and exercise a few times a day, dog walking could be good for both your physical and mental health — along with your bank account.

If you live near a forested area, the beach or any other tranquil setting, it can be the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy nature on a daily basis as well. Dog walkers can generally make $15-$20 per hour or more, especially if you can handle a few dogs at the same time.


  • Average salary: $16-$22+ per hour

If your idea of the great outdoors is spending some time in the dirt, being a part-time groundskeeper or gardener might be a great option during your retirement. In addition to spending time outside, you can derive the emotional satisfaction of helping make or keep places beautiful.

Nationwide, the average groundskeeper salary is about $16 per hour, but in some places you may be able to fetch $22/hour or more for your services.\

Resort Worker

  • Average salary: $20+ per hour

While many resorts are designed for the party crowd, you can find some that are more tailored to nature lovers, which could be an enjoyable way to spend some of your time in retirement. If you prefer working outdoors, jobs ranging from trail leader and nature lecturer to beach attendant could keep you out in nature while you work, and you can likely earn over $20 per hour while you’re doing it.

Camp Counselor/Educator

  • Average salary: $18-$20+ per hour

If you enjoy being outside but prefer spending that time with others, consider a part-time job as a camp counselor or educator. Typical duties include leading groups on hikes, going fishing, creating daily activities and teaching things like survival skills or animal identification. You could even spend some of your time on the clock looking up into the heavens and pointing out constellations and other heavenly objects.

Average salaries nationwide can top $20 per hour.

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This article originally appeared on Retired but Want To Work? Try These 7 Jobs for Nature Lovers