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Retirees Use Ground-Breaking Tactics to Stay Youthful

ESCONDIDO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Barbara Morris, editor, and publisher of the Put Old on Hold Journal has announced that noted nutritional therapist Pat Garner is now one of its featured writers. A 60-year-old retiree, Pat speaks to her age group in a language they understand and appreciate. "I'm helping them achieve their ultimate potential instead of wasting away in the traditional rocking chair," says Ms. Garner.

"The addition of Ms. Garner is tremendous for us and for subscribers", says Barbara Morris. "The Put Old on Hold Journal is not just for those over 70, but for retired and soon-to-be-retirees whose youthful chant was, 'We will never get old' and 'Never trust anyone over 30'".  In spite of such revolutionary declarations, they are retiring and destined for the same traditional decline as their older peers unless they take a new revolutionary path.

Morris believes "age decay" is often self-inflicted or accepted by default and can be avoided with the know-how of those who have already kicked traditional old age decline to the curb.

Some issues dealt with in the Put Old on Hold Journal:

*  Why chronological age doesn't matter and how keep it from controlling your life
* The unspoken role diet and exercise play in the rate of decline and simple steps to control it that no one talks about
*  The  mindset and lifestyle that quickly initiates decline and how it can be overcome
*  Detrimental decisions mature people make and how to stop or modify them
*  Where and how you live in retirement and why it matters
*  Dating issues for mature individuals and how to handle them successfully
*  The importance of association with younger people and why they are essential
* The benefits of ongoing productivity regardless of age
*  Unexpected issues relating to sexual activity

The Put Old on Hold Journal's editorial focus has always been that out-dated social and cultural norms and the misleading importance of chronological age negatively affect how older people look, think, feel, believe and behave.  Old fashioned traditional horse and buggy thinking and out-dated cultural mores regarding age negatively decrease vibrancy and competence and the right to expect it and live it, whatever a person's years.

Ms. Morris claims, "Too many people fall into the trap of traditional expectations when it comes to the mature years. We assure midlife persons they can choose a different destination than the established 'old age cage' as well as help those more mature to increase energy, sparkle, and desirability. Limited thinking is aging, in more ways than one."

Those  who want to escape the traditional "must follow" script of decline-oriented thinking, living, and aging are encouraged to join the Put Old on Hold community by using the free subscription link in the Put Old on Hold Journal

Subscribers enjoy encouraging "plain talk" and unique one-of-a-kind cutting edge thinking from writers Barbara Morris, Pat Garner, Joyce L. Shafer, Zenobia Silas-Carson and others dedicated to preserving youthful "joie de vivre" in the most potentially dynamic stage of life.

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Barbara Morris


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SOURCE Barbara Morris, R.Ph