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Reverse Consolidation Breaks the Cycle of Cash Advances

NEW YORK, June 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cast Capital, 265 West 37th Street PH2300A, direct funder, has released a Reverse Consolidation Program worthy of every small business owner's attention. Cash advances can cripple a business - owners get caught in a cycle of advance after advance with no recourse of correcting the hemorrhaging of cash flows, ultimately putting small businesses under. Businesses find it necessary to utilize cash advances as short term bridge loans to finance payroll, upcoming projects, inventory etc. Once the daily payments become too expensive, business owners will take on more cash advances to help pay for their current daily payments, starting the cycle.

Cast Capital's Reverse Consolidation Program is the solution to breaking the cycle, providing the oxygen necessary to fuel small business growth. Business owners with multiple positions are actively searching to get out of the expensive cash advance machine and into better structured programs with affordable rates and advantageous terms.

Cast Capital's Principal, Bruce Leybel, believes that the direct lending industry at large will benefit from Reverse Consolidation. "As the fiduciary to a business owner, it is the responsibility of the financial institution to provide tangible solutions to maintain healthy business growth, instead of letting a business fail."

Reverse Consolidation is not Debt Consolidation. Cast Capital's Reverse Consolidation deposits monies directly into the owner's business bank account on a weekly basis to satisfy all current cash advance positions. Cast Capital withdrawals a smaller daily payment directly from the business account at an agreed upon purchase of future receivables for an extended payback period. As the current cash advances come to term, less and less monies are deposited into the business bank account until all current cash advance positions are satisfied. Cast Capital believes all current cash advances should be paid off. The business owner will continue to pay that smaller daily payment until the Reverse Consolidation program ends. No restructuring or settling with current cash advance funders is necessary.

Once the program is over, a business is free of cash advances. However, Cast Capital provides business owners the opportunity to refinance after good daily payment history one month into the program. Win - Win for business owner and funder. Funders aren't stuck with a loss from outstanding balances once business' fail; owners are given a clear path to financial freedom.

Upfront, Reverse Consolidation saves business owners up to 50% of their monthly advance payments, freeing up cash flow. Business owners with any number of positions will be considered for the program as long as the current positions have a payoff date less than 6 months away.

"A step in the right direction," Bruce Leybel, Cast Capital's Principal.

Cast Capital is actively seeking business owners with multiple cash advances, ISO's with stacked positions. Cast Capital is more than willing to work with debt consolidators with stacked positions, Cast Capital contractually mandates all merchants submitted for the Reverse Consolidation Program are off limits to debt restructure.

For more information go to: www.castcapitalfunding.com/consolidation

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