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Revett Minerals does not have a date for resumption of activities at Troy Mines

Revett Minerals provides an update on underground assessment and monitoring activities and announces Q4 and FY12 production results from the Troy Mine, located in northwest Montana. Following the suspension of underground mining activities in mid-December 2012, the company has been able to re-enter some underground areas for assessment and monitoring purposes. The main mechanical and equipment areas such as the crusher and conveyor system are unaffected by recent ground instability, but there has been some groundfall along the underground main haulage route at a structural cross fault. The company has recommenced scaling and pumping activities in the North Ore Body and is currently evaluating options for regaining access to the Lower Quartzite and A & C Beds. Remedial measures will be determined after examination of the ore body from the South Adit, which is currently scheduled for the week of January 28th. The company does not as yet have a firm date for the resumption of production activities. The company has fulfilled its 2012 concentrates sales requirements and has no outstanding hedges. The company will provide 2013 operations guidance once a firm date to recommence production has been set.