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Rex Tillerson firing is a big joke for late night hosts

President Trump abruptly fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter on Tuesday, and late night hosts had a lot to say about it. Tillerson reportedly learned of his firing from Trump’s tweet, which has been many people’s point of focus. But according to Conan O’Brien, maybe they should concentrate on how he was hired.

“Today President Trump — get this — he fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Twitter, O’Brien said. “It makes sense when you consider that Trump hired Tillerson on Tinder. That’s how they met.”

Tillerson is the latest in a string of high-level officials to leave the administration during Trump’s short tenure, and on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had an idea of who’s next.

“In the past few weeks, Gary Cohn, Hope Hicks, and now Rex Tillerson have all left the White House, Fallon said. “Most people said they’re shocked, while Betsy DeVos was like, ‘Wait, how the hell am I still here? I mean, didn’t anyone see 60 Minutes?’”

On Late Night, Seth Meyers joked that Trump’s tweet was actually a retweet, with the original coming from Russian President Vladimir Putin. While on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert found something about Trump’s tweet that could make getting fired sting just that much more for Tillerson.

“What could be worse than learning you got fired from your boss’s tweet?” Colbert asked. “Oh, maybe seeing that 86,000 people ‘liked’ it.

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