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Rexahn sees complete RX-3117 Phase I enrollment in 4Q14-early FY15

The company said, "Rexahn initiated a Phase Ib clinical trial of RX-3117 in cancer patients with solid tumors in January. Secondary endpoints will include characterizing the pharmacokinetic profile of RX-3117 and evaluating the preliminary anti-tumor effects of RX-3117. Rexahn expects to complete patient enrollment of the RX-3117 Phase I clinical trial in 4Q14- early FY15. Rexahn also initiated a Phase IIa Archexin proof-of-concept clinical trial in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma in January. Rexahn has previously received orphan drug designation for this indication. The trial is a multi-center study designed to evaluate the efficacy of Archexin in combination with everolimus to treat metastatic RCC patients and will be conducted in two stages. The first stage will be dose ranging, with up to three cohorts of three RCC patients to determine its MTD in combination with everolimus. Once the MTD has been determined, thirty RCC patients will be randomized for treatment with either Archexin in combination with everolimus or everolimus alone, in a ratio of 2:1. Rexahn plans to complete the initial component of this trial in 4Q14.