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Rhys Hoskins made history with a Vlad Guerrero-style home run

Rhys Hoskins has been doing incredible things for the Philadelphia Phillies since he was called up on Aug. 10. He didn’t get his first hit until his fourth career game, but he hit his first homer the very next night. And a few innings later, he hit his second home run.

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It’s been a homer party ever since. And on Saturday, Hoskins added yet another one. The Phillies were facing the Chicago Cubs, and Hoskins came to bat against Kyle Hendricks in the first inning. Hoskins threw a strike, a ball and then Hoskins fouled off the next two. The fifth pitch was low — not just low in the strike zone, but low to the actual ground. If Hoskins had let it go, it would have been a ball, no question. But he didn’t let it go. Instead, he channeled the great Vlad Guerrero and went down to get that pitch, and then he drilled it into the seats in left center field for yet another home run.

Here’s the thing: Hoskins hit a homer against the Cubs on Friday night, too. He’s actually homered in seven straight days, and in seven of his last eight games. He homered in his first at-bat on Saturday, and he’s done that for three straight games.

Rhys Hoskins hits a two run home run in the bottom of the first inning against the Chicago Cubs on August 26, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)

Hoskins has played seventeen career games and he has 10 home runs. If you think that sounds insane, that’s because it is. Hoskins has made baseball history by hitting all those dingers in such a short time.

No player ever has hit ten home runs faster than Rhys Hoskins. He stands all alone in baseball history, but I don’t think he minds being alone here.

How is Hoskins doing this? Trevor Story probably has some idea, but it’s largely a mystery how players get locked in like this. But it’s certainly not a mistake — Hoskins has a carefully honed approach at the plate.

It sounds easy, but making those adjustments can be tough. Identifying “your pitch” and letting the bad ones go is one of the hardest parts of hitting. But if you’d like to see just how he looks when he’s doing it, here are Hoskins’ first nine home runs all in a row.

A GIF is the perfect format for Hoskins’ home runs. That way, you can watch them over and over and over again.

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