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RI International and BHL Launch CrisisTech360 App


RI International CEO and President David Covington announced the launch of the CrisisTech360 app today, providing 24/7/365 real-time visibility of crisis bed availability and program data.

“Not only does it display data in real time, it tracks and trends historically; measuring productivity, customer service, and proving ROI through detailed dashboards and reports,” said Covington. “Surprisingly, even in this day of technological advancements, crisis bed accessibility is almost always tracked through white boards, phone calls and sticky notes.”

That translates into critical gaps and delays for those in crisis, according to Covington. “Dry erase whiteboards rarely reflect the real-time status of a facility and its bed availability, so those experiencing a mental health crisis may wait for hours, or even days, to get help. In contrast, now that we’re using CrisisTech360 in RI International’s crisis programs across the U.S., I’m able to view the status of all programs at once on one screen –- with 100% accuracy. I see admissions and discharges as they occur, and can compare and contrast programs or view the entirety of what’s happening in our crisis units with interactive and simple to understand gauges.”

Adds Covington, “And, because CrisisTech360 is mobile enabled, I can view or share this information with funders and stakeholders anytime, anywhere, whether on my phone while at lunch or on a tablet flying 30,000 feet up.”

According to Wendy Martinez Farmer, CEO of Behavioral Health Link (BHL), two crisis experts joined forces to create CrisisTech360. “BHL’s suite of integrated crisis software systems revolutionized crisis mental health care and coordination in Georgia, and won NATCON’s technology impact award in 2014. RI International has added four new crisis facilities this year alone, so as their crisis services continue to rapidly expand across the U.S., it made sense for us to work together.”

Covington said CrisisTech360 will officially launch at NATCON 17, April 2-3 in Seattle, Wash. “Visit our website at http://crisistech360.com and join us at island booth 326 for live demonstrations displayed on a large video wall. We’re very excited about how this software transforms crisis services and speeds access to care. At a time when delivering and measuring value is more important than ever, CrisisTech360 quantifies real improvements in care for individuals and families in crisis.”

About RI International: Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, RI International is one of the nation’s leading crisis mental health service providers. Founded as a non-profit in 1990, the organization has 55 recovery and crisis programs in Delaware, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Washington State and New Zealand, has been accredited by Joint Commission since 1992 and has certified more than 7,000 peers around the world since 2000.

About BHL: Since 1998 BHL has provided crisis intervention and access to mental health and addiction services. Because a Crisis Has No Schedule™, BHL’s professional staff is available to help those in need 24/7/365. BHL’s programs are nationally recognized for setting a new standard of care, supported by emerging research in recent studies by experts from the University of Montreal, Rutgers University and Columbia University.

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