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'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Robert Kiyosaki Says 'Only Lazy People Use Their Own Money' — Why You Should Use Other People's Money Instead

Robert Kiyosaki, renowned for his bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” advocates a provocative approach to wealth accumulation, stating, “My rich dad always said only lazy people use their own money.”

This philosophy underpins Kiyosaki’s success in transforming negligible funds into substantial returns. Contrary to conventional wisdom, he emphasizes the importance of not using your own money for investments but instead leveraging other people’s money (OPM).

Kiyosaki’s strategy involves innovative methods like crowdfunding and raising capital, allowing for significant returns without personal financial input. This approach requires skills in networking and building relationships with potential investors.

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The concept of OPM is not just theoretical for Kiyosaki. He started his investment journey with an $18,000 one-bedroom condo in Maui, Hawaii, financed not by his own money but through a mentor. His next venture, a surfer wallet company, faced initial setbacks but eventually became a success. This turnaround was possible because of Kiyosaki’s ability to rethink the product’s purpose, repurposing the wallets for runners, which led to a surge in sales after gaining media attention.

These experiences highlight Kiyosaki’s core advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: the significance of identifying and investing in assets that hold more value than one’s initial investment and the importance of innovating solutions to existing problems. His journey exemplifies how a combination of strategic investment, creativity and resourcefulness can lead to financial success without relying on personal funds.

Arrived provides an excellent opportunity for people to explore real estate investment without the need for upfront capital, which is often a barrier for many aspiring investors. This aligns with his emphasis on leveraging other people’s money and finding assets that are worth more than your initial investment. By pooling resources from multiple investors, Arrived enables individuals to participate in the real estate market, which Kiyosaki often highlights as a key asset class for building wealth.

Kiyosaki’s principles, while compelling, demand a comprehensive understanding of investment dynamics and risk management. They also require the ability to discern and seize appropriate opportunities, a skill that Kiyosaki has mastered and advocates for others to develop. This approach has been the foundation of his success and serves as a model for those looking to achieve financial growth through strategic and innovative means​​.

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