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'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki Says His Wife Told Him 'I'm Out Of Here. I Don't Need You.' But He's Still Happily Married To Her, Even Though They Aren't Together — And Insists She Is Not A Gold Digger

In a YouTube video with Rich Cooper in 2021, Robert Kiyosaki, the financial guru behind “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” delved into the emotional and personal journey of his marriage and subsequent transformation following his divorce.

Kiyosaki shared a deeply personal reflection on his relationship with his wife, articulating, “I’m still in love with my wife; I’m very happily married, and I was building a feather nest, if you know what I mean. And then one day, exactly as you guys said, she says about four years ago, ‘I’m out of here.'”

He further disclosed in a subsequent video that his wife added, "I don't need you." At this juncture, Kiyosaki clarified that they had already achieved significant financial success. He emphasized that when they first met, they had nothing, and he firmly believes that without her, he wouldn’t have achieved his current status. He expressed discomfort with any insinuations that portray his wife as a gold digger, highlighting their shared journey from nothing to prosperity. Kiyosaki stressed that his wife was a pivotal part of their success story, accompanying him from the very beginning.

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This moment his wife left him marked a pivotal turn in Kiyosaki’s life, where he confronted the reality that it wasn’t infidelity that led to this outcome but his cessation in pursuing personal excellence — a pursuit his wife never abandoned.

Kiyosaki’s reflection on his past self, noting his transition to “double XL polo shirts and a 40-inch waist,” starkly contrasts with his identity as a Marine, emphasizing a departure from the discipline and excellence once integral to his life. This realization catalyzed a period of self-reassessment and growth, pushing Kiyosaki towards reclaiming his commitment to excellence.

Addressing the existential question posed by many regarding the point of marriage or relationships, especially in the context of his own experiences, Kiyosaki offers a perspective grounded in his journey and the lessons learned. Cooper asked: “Well, if a guy like Robert Kiyosaki couldn’t keep his wife around, what makes me think I can do it? Why should I get married? Why should I even bother with women?” To this, Kiyosaki responds not with defeat but with reflection and an affirmation of the growth and understanding that can emerge from such experiences.

He emphasizes the continued partnership with his wife in business matters, underscoring the value of enduring relationships that evolve over time, even if they take on new forms. “I’m still partners with my wife businesswise... It’s like the Marine Corps, you know, I’m glad I went through it. And I’m glad I’m married, and today, as I said, the more I chase excellence, the more women I have. I’m still happily married in many ways. Even though we’re not together, we’re still business partners; she’s still my best friend, and that’s priceless.”

Kiyosaki’s narrative is not merely about loss or regret but about resilience, growth and the unyielding pursuit of excellence. It’s a testament to the complexity of human relationships and the capacity for individuals to redefine their paths, even in the face of personal and professional upheaval. His journey offers a nuanced understanding of marriage, partnership and personal development, revealing that the essence of these connections can endure beyond conventional boundaries, enriched by the challenges and triumphs of life’s experiences.

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Robert Kiyosaki. Photo by Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons

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