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Your Ride: 1964 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible

Jeff Perez

When it comes to iconic American luxury cars, the Cadillac Coupe DeVille is not one to be forgotten. Originally introduced as a GM model in the late 40s, in 1959, GM rebranded the DeVille as a Cadillac, which drew more of a luxury implication at the time. In 1964, Cadillac strayed away from its outdated 50s styling, in place of something a bit more subtle, yet still instantly recognizable.

One of our readers, Dorn, has had his DeVille in the family since it rolled off the factory floor brand new in 1964. A third generation owner, it’s a ride that he hopes will be in the family for a long time coming.

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Cadillac DeVille

How did you acquire your ride?

My 1964 Cadillac DeVille convertible has been in the family since new. I remember sitting in the front seat with my twin brother and telling my grandfather I thought it was the coolest car I had ever seen, and that I’d never own a car that cool! We were about 7 years old. I remember he chuckled and replied “yes you will and if you play your cards right, it will be this one.”

I’m the third generation to own her. My dad had her for 23 years and I started working on him the day he got it, to leave it me, because I was the oldest (by half an hour). I found out later that my brother had asked for it. My Dad told me he chuckled and told him “you’ll have to ask your brother for it.” Below is a pic of my brother and I the day he got it.

I was shocked when he showed up 4 years ago and handed me the keys and title. I didn’t know it, but he had just given my brother his ’84 Corvette Pace Car convertible and he showed up two days later with a brand new Candy Apple red Corvette. He was making room in the garage. I didn’t care, I got what I wanted!

Cadillac DeVille 2

Does it have a name?

My Dad calls her Lulu after the first relative that bought her new. She was my grandmother’s sister and she passed away when there were 7,000 miles on it. My grandmother thought it was such a beautiful car that my grandfather went to the estate sale and bought it for her. She was only 4’11″ and had to look through the steering wheel to drive it so I remember him driving it all the time.

Dad swears she is haunted by Aunt Lulu. She did kick in reverse once idling in the driveway by herself. My son-in-law caught her before the end of the driveway and got her in park but I was right on his heels, 52 years old with an artificial hip!

What have you done to make it a bolder ride?

So far I have patched the floorboards, replaced the original convertible top and swapped a ’75 Caddy 500 and TH400 which is no small feat in an X frame.

Cadillac DeVille 4

Dream accessory for it and why?

Besides complete bodywork, paint and a new leather interior my dream accessary is to add Vintage Air AC. Its a PA car and never had AC. Gets pretty hot in southern CA.

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