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Your Ride: 1974 Blown Chevy Camaro with Medevac Theme

Jeff Perez

The Mustang, the Challenger, the Camaro- these three cars along with many others have become staples in American muscle since the segment began. And like any good muscle car, it’s all about raw, nasty speed.

Scott’s blown (referring to the blower rising from the hood) 1974 Chevy Camaro then, is the thing muscle car lovers drool over. Built by the crew at Infinite Velocity Motorsports, the 814-hp, 747 lb-ft torque monster pulled a highly impressive 10.56 quarter-mile run at Top Gun Raceway Fallon in Nevada. But even more special- the MEDEVAC theme pays tribute to Scott’s service in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, and all the other heroes of which he served alongside.

Here’s the full story:


How did you acquire your ride?

The company that built the car traveled to San Diego, CA from Reno, NV to find a “rust free” Camaro while I was flying MEDEVAC in Afghanistan during OEF 9-11 (Operation Enduring Freedom). The Camaro had to be a 1975 or earlier version in order to be grandfathered in regarding the sight blockage laws presented by the Weiand 671 Blower coming out of the hood.

What drew you to it when you bought it?

Prior to my departure I knew from childhood I wanted a “Blown” Camaro. I put my faith in Infinite Velocity Motorsports and believe it paid off.

Camaro 2

Does it have a name?

It is named and painted after the UH-60 “MEDEVAC” Blackhawk I fly. It reads Blackhawk on the sides and painted in a way like the sheet metal on the Helicopter with each rivet having been airbrushed.

What do you feel like when you drive it?

My daughter and I feel euphoric.

Camaro 5

What you would change about your car, if anything?

I need to increase its cooling capacity due to the decreased RAM Air effect from slow moving traffic.

What have you done to make it a bolder ride?

The Camaro was completed during my 12-month tour into combat and for myself and my daughter is bold enough.

Camaro 7

Dream accessory for it and why?

When the day comes that my daughter runs the quarter-mile in the Camaro. The accessory will be my daughter behind the wheel.

Camaro 9

Camaro 8

Camaro 3

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