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RideAustin to release rideshare software to jumpstart networks of rideshare alternatives around the globe

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- After 3 years - RideAustin, the world's only non-profit rideshare - will open source its software platform to enable creative entrepreneurs & municipalities across the globe to access a proven solution to build their own on-demand services.  The software will be free to use and build upon - effectively eliminating the large technology hurdle to start a rideshare alternative.  This open source initiative is a natural progression of the guiding principles upon which RideAustin was founded - specifically the open collaboration & open-data pledge. RideAustin believes that only through data sharing will the industry collectively innovate faster.

RideAustin Logo

The proven RideAustin software platform has now delivered nearly 3M rides, raised over $450k for local charities and is now cheaper than Uber for a majority of trips - while paying the drivers 30-50% more per trip.  The app has been downloaded by well over 500k people and will serve as a solid foundation to build a variety of on-demand services on top of it.

"The RideAustin open source rideshare software platform will now remove a significant technology barrier to jumpstart various innovative mobility solutions in cities around the world," said Andy Tryba, co-founder & CEO of RideAustin.  "We're excited to the upcoming innovation in both the private and public sectors utilizing this tech stack." 

RideAustin's technology components - consisting of Rider apps (iOS & Android), Driver apps (iOS & Android), Server software and a management console are now available free of charge under the MIT open source license. 

About RideAustin

RideAustin is the world's only nonprofit rideshare company. RideAustin was founded to innovate in the ridesharing industry through open collaboration & open data.  RideAustin now provides rides cheaper than Uber for majority of trips while paying drivers 30-50% more - and giving back to the local community.  Since its inception in June 2016, RideAustin has grown to be a community asset in Austin. The unique "Round Up" feature allows riders to donate a percentage of their fare to local charities. Through this feature, RideAustin has raised over $450,000 for 50+ local nonprofits. In addition, RideAustin works with local nonprofits and entities to offer free or subsidized rides to constituent groups in need of reliable, affordable transportation. To learn more about our organization please visit www.rideaustin.com.


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