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Ridiculous 'Machete Kills' Poster Features Sofia Vergara In A Machine Gun Bra

Kirsten Acuna

Character posters for upcoming film "Machete Kills" have started to roll out and the latest Sofia Vergara one doesn't hold anything back.  

Film distributor Open Road Films shows it knows how to take full advantage of Vergara's assets in its latest marketing device.

  Here's the first one that was released earlier. Notice there are no guns.

machete kills sofia vergara

Open Road Films

There they are in the new one.

machete kills sofia vergara

Open Road Films

Looks like they had some inspiration from Katy Perry.



The film is Robert Rodriguez's sequel to 2010 film "Machete" and follows the adventures of gun-slinging Danny Trejo after he's recruited on a mission by the President.

"Machete Kills" comes out September 13.

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