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Rifco Renews Securcor Trust Securitization Facility at $50 Million

Red Deer, Alberta. April 16, 2013; Rifco Inc. (RFC.V) is pleased to announce that it has received a funding facility renewal from Securcor Trust for $50M. This renewal replaces a previously authorized $80M facility of which only 33% was utilized. The lower than typical facility utilization rate resulted from a positive increase in the Company's bank revolving credit facility to $70M from $10M in November. Rifco has requested the Securcor Trust limit reduction for the upcoming year in order to right size the facility. The Company expects a high utilization rate of this year's facility.

This renewed facility will allow the Company to securitize $50M in loans. Loans sold into prior facilities have no effect on the utilization of the new facility.

With this renewal, the Company has credit facilities with five funders totaling $190M and remaining funding capacity of $89M. In the last four quarters, the Company originated $90M in loans. Management is confident that the Company has the funding capacity and access to further capital in order to execute its strategic plan moving forward.

Securcor is a valued business partner and the Company's longest standing funder. The renewal is a testament to our partnership and an endorsement of Rifco's business model.

The renewal terms and rates are improved over those previously received. Included in improvements is a reduction in cash reserve ratios that result in an estimated one-time cash reserve release of $1.2M. The Company was also able to exercise a clean-up on a significant number of older small balance tranches. This resulted in an additional cash reserve release of $600,000. These cash releases have an immediate positive effect on reducing interest costs and increasing working capital.

In addition, Rifco's strong loan performance within the facility continues to generate scheduled cash holdback releases in accordance with the facility parameters. The Company must continue to meet certain financial covenants under the renewal. The Company met all financial covenants in the prior year.

Rifco employs a balanced approach for loan portfolio funding of equity, bank revolving credit facility, subordinated unsecured debentures and loan securitization funders.

The renewed facility continues under the Master Agreement originally executed on March 31, 2005. The term for the renewed facility will expire on March 31, 2014.

About Securcor Corporation (Administrative Agent for Securcor Trust)

Securcor Corporation is a member of the Securcor Financial Group. Securcor provides customized securitization and structured financing programs for the automotive, equipment and consumer loan and leasing industries, and has originated more than $3.0 billion in auto financing, equipment leases and consumer loans since its inception.

Securcor facilitates the structuring and distribution of securities and provides portfolio tracking, reporting, audit and compliance management services, with a particular emphasis in the automotive and equipment industries. The address of the Securcor website is www.securcorfinancial.com.

About Rifco Inc.

Rifco Inc. operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Rifco National Auto Finance Corporation to provide automobile loans through its dealership network across Canada.

Rifco National Auto Finance provides consumers with financing options on new and used vehicles. Rifco specializes in building long-term partnerships with dealers by investing time in personalized services through dedicated account representatives. Rifco's quick credit decisions, common sense lending, and expedited funding processes give its dealers better financing options and more closed deals. Rifco's most successful partnerships result in graduated recognition programs for its loyal dealerships.

Rifco is committed to continuing growth. Key strategies for achieving this growth include the expansion of its automobile dealer base, excellence in credit and collections processes, and exceptional service to its Dealer partners and its customers.

The common shares of Rifco Inc. are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "RFC". There are 20.78 million shares outstanding and 21.80 million (fully diluted) shares.


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