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RightRice® Continues to Reinvent the Rice Aisle with Launch of RightRice Medley

Innovative new product line debuts with a flavorful trio of quick, nutritious side dishes launching nationwide exclusively in Whole Foods Market and on Amazon

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- RightRice, the breakthrough veggie rice that's packed with the power of vegetables, announced today the debut of RightRice Medley, launching nationwide exclusively in Whole Foods Market and on Amazon.   

RightRice® continues to reinvent the rice aisle with the debut of RightRice Medley launching nationwide at Whole Foods Market and on Amazon.

Popchips founder Keith Belling reinvented rice when he introduced RightRice, and now continues to drive innovation in the rice aisle with RightRice Medley, a modern twist on classic rice pilaf.  By blending veggie- and protein-packed RightRice with ancient grains including quinoa and sorghum, and even more veggies, the new line offers a variety of complete side dishes that are as quick and convenient as they are tasty and nutritious.  

RightRice Medley debuts with a trio of flavors: Harvest Pilaf, Fried Rice, and Cajun Spice that are great tasting alone or paired with a favorite protein.  Since the prep work is already done, the new line of Medleys delivers flavorful, plant-based protein- and fiber-packed options that are ready in just 12 minutes: Fried Rice, full of flavorful Asian spices; Harvest Pilaf with sweet garden carrots and crunchy pumpkin seeds; or bold flavored New Orleans style Cajun Spice. 

All the Medley flavors are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher, with each serving delivering 8g of protein, 5g of fiber, and nearly 30% lower net carbs than a bowl of white rice, making it a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional rice-based side dishes.

"Whole Foods Market and Amazon are the perfect partners to launch RightRice Medley and give us the opportunity to bring even more innovation to the rice category," said Keith Belling, founder of RightRice and former CEO and founder of Popchips.  "Introducing Medleys and doubling our on-shelf presence with the #1 natural foods retailer in the country within a year of debuting RightRice is a remarkable validation for our new brand."

"After seeing such a strong customer response to RightRice's innovative line of shelf-stable veggie rice, we are excited to launch RightRice Medley as the exclusive retail partner," said Christina Pearson, Global Category Manager for Whole Foods Market.  "RightRice demonstrates industry leading innovation with convenient, delicious products that meet Whole Foods Market's high quality standards. We can't wait to see their new products on store shelves nationwide." 

RightRice, which launched nationwide in Whole Foods Market and on Amazon in February 2019, is made from more than 90% veggies (lentils, chickpeas, and green peas) and delivers more than double the protein, five times the fiber, and almost 40% fewer net cabs than a bowl of traditional white rice. 

RightRice Medleys come in a 7-oz pouch (about four servings) at a suggested retail of $4.99.  For more information visit www.RightRice.com or checkout @RightRice on Instagram.

About RightRice®

Popchips® founder and former CEO Keith Belling loved rice, but not all the empty calories and carbs. That's what inspired him to create RightRice®, a breakthrough, shelf stable rice made from 90% vegetables, that launched nationwide with Whole Foods and Amazon in 2019 and has expanded to Kroger banners, Sprouts, Wegmans, and other leading retailers nationwide. Every bowl of RightRice is deliciously packed with more than double the protein, five times the fiber, and almost 40 percent fewer net carbs than a bowl of white rice. Rightrice is faster (and easier) to cook than regular rice and is available in 5 tasty flavors, like Garlic Herb and Cilantro Lime, plus a ready to be seasoned Original. In January 2020, the company introduced RightRice Medleys, a blend of RightRice, ancient grains, and even more veggies, bringing more innovation to the rice aisle. Available in 3 flavors, Harvest Pilaf, Fried Rice and Cajun Spice, Medleys offer consumers quick and nutritious side dishes that are great tasting alone or paired with a favorite protein, and ready in just 12 minutes. All RightRice products are made using real herbs and spices, and are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher.  The Company is headquartered in San Francisco.


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