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RingLeader Announces New CrowdVoice App, Creating a New Way to Call Mexico & Canada

An industry leader in internet phone services has expanded its services with a new mobile app for calling in North America.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Oct. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Representatives with RingLeader today announced that they have launched a new mobile app, CrowdVoice, for calling Mexico & Canada without having to worry about any international calling fees.

"When you sign-up for CrowdVoice you get a free phone number in Mexico or Canada," said Mike Darling, Manager of Marketing communications and spokesperson for RingLeader before adding, "with this international phone number, you can maintain a local presence in the country along with 500 minutes of local usage."

"When you sign up for CrowdVoice, you receive two phone numbers. One will be from the United States and the other will be from Mexico or Canada," said Darling. "The benefit of having two phone numbers is that your family and friends in Mexico or Canada can call you without incurring any international fees because to them, it's a local phone call."

Darling emphasized that with the ever-rising threat of malware, identity theft, and phishing schemes, internet security is more important than ever. CrowdVoice provides end-to-end encryption, so your data is secure at all times.

RingLeader, Inc. the developer of CrowdVoice acts as a leading internet phone service provider for businesses of all sizes across North America.

"CrowdVoice brings unified communications, social messaging, and North American communications, all under one roof," said Todd Holsombeck, Vice President of Sales at RingLeader, before highlighting, "CrowdVoice even enables small business owners to run their businesses more effectively with key features such as custom caller id, fax-to-email, voicemail-to-email, SMS and Groupchat."

For more information, please contact Mike Darling at (866) 384-3747 ext 411 or visit: https://ringleader.co/crowdvoice/ and https://ringleader.co/blog/.

About RingLeader

RingLeader is a leading internet phone service provider for businesses of all sizes across North America. RingLeader specializes in SIP trunking communications technology, which enables businesses of any size to integrate their existing voice and data infrastructure into a single line of communication without replacing their existing network.

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