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Riot Games explains why League of Legends’ practice tool is limited to single player, is working on adding more AI bots

The League of Legends practice tool was released earlier this year. (Riot Games)

Earlier this year, Riot Games added the League of Legends practice tool feature to the game, and it currently serves as a way for players to independently test in-game mechanics and specific builds. Detailed in an update on its Nexus site, Riot Games has explained why the Practice Tool is currently limited to single player, what new features it is working on for the tool, and more.

The developer explained that expanding the practice tool “into a full scrimming tool, or a multiplayer sandbox, or a ‘custom game maker’ are each a significantly larger undertaking than the original Practice Tool.”

Riot Games wrote that there are “just higher priorities and bigger opportunities” for them to focus on, given that the Practice Tool currently serves its purpose as a training gym of sorts. Despite this, Riot Games admits that the tool “isn’t perfect as it stand right now” and writes that it will be continuing to update the tool.

Features being looked at include the addition of more target dummy controls to tweak tank and movement values, adding more enemy AI bots, global range for buying items, and fixing stacking items to work with the Cooldown refresh.

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