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Ripple eyeing 'multiple' deals after MoneyGram investment

Oscar Williams-Grut
Senior City Correspondent, Yahoo Finance UK
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    Ripple is mired in a rut where banks aren't using the software. Payments haven't increased on their network in two years. Meanwhile Stellar has IBM and World Wire. Payments on the Stellar network have increased a hundred fold in the past few months. Stellar daily payments volume exceeds 1.5 million, while xrp volume is around 50,000.
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    Mr Pickles
    Ripple is an amazing company, and as the article shows, they’ll be changing how value is moved around the world in a very cheap way. There product xRapid that uses XRP is freaking awesome compared to all other cryptocurrencies out there. For example, Bitcoin (BTC), the #1 coin by market cap can only do 7 to 10 transactions per second (TPS), and Ethereum (ETH), the #2 coin by market cap can only do 15 to 20 TPS. XRP, the #3 coin by market cap can already do 50,000 TPS which is double what Visa can do!
    By the way, I’m invested in all 3 of the above mentioned as well as a few others, but XRP is in my opinion, going to change the world of finance. Do just a couple hours of research and you’ll find what I’m telling you is spot on. Granted, we’ll never be early as the very early investors from 5 to 10 years ago, but in all reality it’s still very early to get in this market, as only about 1% of the general population worldwide is in currently, and probably only 3 to 6% are even aware of what cryptocurrencies are. It’s still early in my opinion, and a small amount of money can change your life in the future.
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    Mr. Garlinghouse is working hard to advance Ripple and he apparently is doing a great job. I believe in interviews he has made comments along the lines, he isn't interested in what the XRP price is and doesn't look at it very often. Therefore, I'm not sure how much the acquisitions will benefit our XRP Community. I'll have to wait and see. Although
    I'm forever hopeful.
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    Michael Blockchain
    "As part of the deal, Moneygram has agreed to use Ripple’s xRapid product in international payments."

    Doesn't it seem strange that Moneygram would only use XRP if Ripple invested in Moneygram? Moneyrgam has been "testing" XRP since January of 2018, so if XRP could save them money why weren't they using it before? If using XRP could save money for Moneygram then Moneygram would have been paying Ripple to use it.
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    Absolutely agree. Great investment.
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    Michael Blockchain
    Ripple sold $250m-worth of XRP in the second quarter and used $30 million to invest in Moneygram. So, all of you people who bought XRP just paid for Ripple's investment in Moneygram, but you don't benefit in any way from your investment. Ripple is laughing all the way to the bank with all of that real money they are getting in exchange for their fake money..
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    If you're an investor who can afford to invest some money and forget about it for 5 years, you are insane NOT to buy some XRP!
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    This is a really great article Oscar, regardless of how you feel about Ripple and XRP. Yahoo should stop re-posting old articles from Decrypt and other questionable sites and do in-house, quality content. And get this guy on the that team.
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    Ripple to me is too much like the possibly new facebook coin called Libra, too centralized, too connected to major institutions, too controlled. Wouldn't surprise me if the CIA, Major banks, and wall street were somehow controlling it behind the scenes...
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    The problem is for your average Joe, and this average will change from country to country, state to state and province to province... This exchange and conversion will need to be done automatically without the persons understanding or even knowledge for this to work.

    Its not even that simple for people who own XPR to use it and exchange it and buy something almost instantly.