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Rise Nation drops Overwatch team, latest in a string of orgs to do so

Rise Nation has dropped their Overwatch roster (Rise Nation)

Rise Nation has become the latest in a string of esports organizations to drop their Overwatch roster. In an announcement made on Thursday, the North American org stated that it would be “taking a leave of absence” from competitive play in Blizzard’s class-based shooter.

Said the statement, “As it stands today, we do not have any plans on creating a new roster and thus will be taking a leave of absence from the Overwatch scene. We would like to thank Activision, Blizzard, and the entire Overwatch community for their support and hospitality throughout our tenure. Although we are leaving, for now, we would welcome the opportunity to return to the scene at a future time.”

In the months leading up to the establishment of the Overwatch League, many endemic esports organizations have made the decision to not compete in the up-and-coming esport. Splyce, compLexity, Team SoloMid, and Team Dignitas have dropped their teams.

While these orgs have been somewhat tight-lipped about their reasoning for stepping away, lingering questions surrounding the Overwatch League likely have something to do with it. Blizzard has attempted to nip the criticism in the bud.

In other news, Blizzard has revealed a new map set on the moon, and could potentially be hinting towards a new hero named “Hammond.” For more, head over to the Yahoo Esports Overwatch hub.

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