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The Rise To Prominence Of Las Vegas Car Dealerships, Like Don Forman United Nissan

Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Car dealerships in Las Vegas have been growing at a steady rate in the last few years and this hasn't failed to capture the attention of the rest of the country. In fact, many industry experts have tried to explain in the recent past this somewhat unforeseen rise to prominence of the Vegas auto dealerships (so much so that they have actually come to challenge the dominance of Detroit and these days CES is often hailed as the premier automotive show in the country---a status held for such a long time by the Detroit auto show which, in turn, has now been moved to the month of June!)

So, what has prompted this significant change in fortune for the Vegas car dealers? Experts attribute it to several factors, but most tend to agree on one point. This is that the Sin City dealerships were one of the firsts to realize the huge sales potential of the pre-owned cars in the post-recession period. 

In the years immediately following the recession, many had believed that the demand for used vehicles is only a passing trend and the market would come back to its earlier avatar (when baby boomers used to grab the latest models as soon as they hit the market and could hardly wait to sell them off again once the next batch of new models was unfurled). 
However, as it is all too evident now, this has not been the case. Those periods of affluence appear to be gone for good (at least for the time being) and younger generations now prefer to buy cars, whether new or used, that they plan to keep for years. The growing awareness around sustainability issues has also played its part in this change in attitude. 

Don Forman Las Vegas

Don Forman United Nissan has been a prominent figure in the Las Vegas auto dealership market for more than four decades now. In the course of his long career, Don Forman Nissan has faced many challenges and has been able to come up with productive solutions to almost each of them. It was no different this time. In fact, Don Forman United Nissan dealership had been one of the first to recognize and acknowledge the above-mentioned shift in the market and had accordingly made room for a special pre-owned vehicle inventory at his Don Forman Nissan dealership facility. 

Apart from this, Don Forman United Nissan has also been instrumental in humanizing the face of the business. By means of his many philanthropic endeavors, he was able to forge a strong relationship with the community and this has helped the car dealership scene in Vegas as a whole.

For example, apart from Don's United Nissan, other dealerships that fared best in the last year, namely Honda West and Fletcher Jones Imports (both located at West Sahara Avenue), enjoy a good reputation in terms of customer service and relation with their customers. 
Both facilities are well-known for their ethical, highly professional and courteous staff and deliver a satisfactory retail experience to all their customers. Honda West shows its military appreciation by offering a $500 discount to all U.S. military personnel. 
Also, just as at Don Forman Nissan, the finance team at both the above facilities take into account the needs, budget and lifestyle of every customer and chalk up individualized custom plans that will best suit a person's requirements. So, it is never just cost and credit. 

We believe that in all this Don Forman has played a crucial role. Don Forman United Nissan is someone who believes in giving back to the community. And with Don Forman, it is never just joining some charitable organization and donating money and so on. He is someone who wants to really forge a connection with the community around and his various community-driven projects have brought Vegas people and businesses close to each other. And this has helped auto dealerships but also other businesses from the area prosper.