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The Rising Cryptocurrency Exchange PIEXGO and the Brilliant Young Man Behind It

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2018 / As bitcoin price plummeted down to around $4000, losing a third of its value in merely one week, the cryptocurrency-associated industry falls into a panic. A great clamour arises once again asserting that 'bitcoin is dead,' only louder than ever before.

But there never lacks warriors trying to bet against the trend. A cryptocurrency exchange named PIEXGO, who is affectionately called 'PizzaDog' by its fans for its homophone in Chinese, had just completed the public beta test among its global users. Most projects in this industry now function in a manner that 'operation and marketing go first,' which actually refers to an overwhelming media and KOL propaganda, as well as community construction and operation on a large scale where most members might be attracted by airdrops and candies. PIEXGO looks unusually low-key among them.

In contrast, during their beta test conducted one week ago, the number of participants reached more than 3,000. The community showed great enthusiasm in optimizing the product through plenty of suggestions and comments and many evaluation articles were produced with fairly professional quality. Considering the little publicity and the background of a brutal bear market, this is quite a good start. Just as a community member has put it, "PIEXGO has an uncommon community where you can still see belief."

The brilliant young man Peter Du behind PIEXGO

"PIEXGO is a comprehensive digital asset service platform established in Singapore by a top-notch research and development team, as well as professionals who are equipped with industry insights, technology expertise, financial acumen, and operational experiences. Core members all graduated from top universities in China and abroad and undertook key positions at technology giants such as Google, Tencent and Alibaba." This is a quote from the official website of PIEXGO. One could barely tell much difference between this description and that of another blockchain project. Actually, the person unspoken but cannot be ignored behind PIEXGO is Peter Du.

Peter Du is well-known as his nickname "Tsubasa Ozora" in China, which is a major character in a popular Japanese cartoon, Captain Tsubasa. As an early participant in cryptocurrency-associated industry, Peter Du started to evaluate and invest in a number of projects in 2013, while he was still a college student in Britain. In his words, he intended to earn money in the beginning, while the seed of belief gradually germinated in his mind in the wake of his encounter with some outstanding and talented people. In 2015, Peter Du made an important decision: to invest all his money into a project called IOTA, about $10,000, most of which are earned in cryptocurrency mining and transactions. Seven people in China participated in this crowd funding, while only two of them chose to hold the tokens for the following three years - Another one was in charge of the IOTA Chinese community. In 2017, when IOTA fulfilled its ICO and achieved an astonishing thirty-thousand-fold increase, Peter Du accomplished his title shot, gaining great fame and fortune in one go.

In addition to his remarkable personal trading performance, another big achievement of Peter DU the is the Du Capital founded by him, which is one of China's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency venture funds, and has invested in dozens of high-quality projects across the industrial chain. Now Peter Du is officially working as the product and strategy consultant of PIEXGO, and many early supporters of PIEXGO were attracted out of the trust in him.

Go slowly, go far

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, the security issue has become increasingly prominent. Earlier this year, a security survey report released by the international rating institution 1CO Rating revealed a serious fact, that a lot of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges rank only in the middle of the security capability ranking list, or even the bottom.

The PIEXGO team regards security as their top priority. PIEXGO has reached a strategic cooperation relationship with knownSec, the top network security company in China, and customized a complete set of security solutions. During their recent beta test, PIEXGO has withstood tens of millions of attacks from hackers all over the world, thereby demonstrating its outstanding security strength.

Particularly, quite a lot of participants in the beta test spoke highly of the trading experience in PIEXGO, including the smooth and intimate trading procedure and the clean interface design. Some concluded that the experience could rival top five cryptocurrency exchanges. Such comments greatly affirmed the team's dedication to details, which often bothers the product director Lee as it always means higher demands and longer time.

"The cryptocurrency exchange is actually not that high-threshold now. We could even say most exchanges share the similar function mechanism. Therefore, the key to winning this war is to implement the ideas pre-eminently," said Lee.

Martin, the co-founder of PIEXGO exchange, told us that after the public-beta phase, PIEXGO will carry out a comprehensive optimization. In December, a series of activities will be carried out to improve the popularity of the exchange. If everything goes well, the official version will soon be released. At present, PIEXGO is also engaged in building a professional team for contract products mainly consists of talents from traditional investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and is expected to establish a Southeast Asia operation center in the first quarter of 2019.

Martin believes the economic development has a certain periodicity, and the blockchain industry is not an exception. Although it is still very young, its future must be bright. A bear market allows the team to constantly polish and optimize products, and it is highly likely to produce opportunities for overtaking in corners.

"Our goal is to make the top 5," Martin said with confidence.


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