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The RNC Asked Tweeters To Tell Donald Trump Their Priorities. They Didn't Hold Back.

Lee Moran

The Republican National Committee used Twitter to ask people to tell President Donald Trump their priorities on Friday night.

And it provoked a series of curt responses.

“The President is listening,” the tweet read. “Let him know your priorities here.”

It invited people to click on a link to the GOP’s official website, where they could fill in a 32-question survey featuring questions such as: “Are you concerned by the potential spread of Sharia Law?” and “Is Russia a concern to you?”

On completing the questionnaire, it linked to a donation page on Trump’s official website, which asked folks to “please take the next step and consider making a contribution to help us enact our America First agenda and fend off vicious attacks.”

A screenshot from the website. (Donaldjtrumpcom)

Trump likely won’t be focusing on any of the suggested priorities anytime soon:

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