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A Roadmap for Your Financial Freedom

Jeff Remsburg

Join the more than 31,000 investors who have already signed up to attend tonight’s 10X Innovation Summit!

The most important investment event of the year is taking place tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

You’ll see legendary growth investor, Matt McCall, detail the absolute best ways to make 10 times your money over the coming years … and he’ll mention over A DOZEN stocks that are set to soar in value, including his #1 stock to own over the next 5 years (he believes it will go up 1,000%).

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Over the past decade, Matt has recommended 16 different stocks that have gone up 1,000% or more. Tonight, he will reveal the common DNA his 1,000% winners share and the strategy he uses to uncover them before they make their big moves.

This live event will be packed with value and actionable stock ideas. You can reserve your seat by going here.

When you attend this evening, make sure to have a pen and paper handy so you can write down all the stock ideas, including the ticker symbol of Matt’s next 1,000% winner.

***Let’s pull back for a moment and discuss some truths of getting 10X returns

What is your goal when it comes to investing?

While I know we don’t all have the exact same end-result in mind, I believe most of us share one common dream …

Financial freedom.

The kind that liberates us from a mundane job … from paycheck-to-paycheck stresses … from hard budgetary decisions about what we can and cannot afford …

We want to escape that feeling of financial pressure … so that we can live as we want and sleep better at night.

Whether we use our financial freedom to spend time with kids or grandkids, travel the world, or enjoy the hobbies and interests that make us feel alive, that’s a personal choice. But at the end of the day, the common bond we share is a desire for “walk-away-wealth.”

That’s the goal of tonight’s 10X Innovation Summit.

The event is rooted in one idea: how to create life-changing investment riches. Not “buy a car” or “go on a vacation” money, something bigger …

Think long-term, dynastic wealth — the kind that changes your life. And not just yours, your kids’ lives too … and your grandkids.

Instead of upgrading your car, you upgrade your zip-code … Your kids (and grandkids) go from public schools to the best private academies in your city … No more budget-restricted weekend trips — you’re now taking a month to explore Paris, or Rio, or the African Serengeti …

If this sounds grandiose, I get it. You’re right to be skeptical. I am too when it comes to talk of huge investing returns because I’ve been burned in the market, as likely you have too.

But consider a point I made in a recent Digest …

The research group Ned Davis compiled the top performing stocks of the 90s. The data storage company, EMC, was number two. But what did that mean specifically for investors?

From its closing stock price on the last trading day of 1989 through the end of 2000, a $5,000 investment in EMC would have ended up being worth roughly $3.5 million.

So, let’s imagine you had $50,000 to invest in the market at that time. You put your money into five stocks, $10,000 each — EMC was one of them.

Even if each of the other four stocks went to $0, your $10,000 investment in EMC resulted in your net-worth exploding to $7 million a decade later.

Wouldn’t $7 million change your life? Wouldn’t it afford the new home, the private schools, the international trips?

As we stand today, there are several trends reshaping our world that have the potential to drive EMC-like returns over the coming years.

But, here’s the rub …

***While landing 10X+ returns isn’t all that complicated, it’s incredibly hard

We just touched on the fun part of this — the visions of wealth and how we’d spend it.

But now, let’s be realistic …

Most people won’t achieve these returns. Not because it’s all that complicated — but because it requires two things that most investors don’t possess: the ability to tune out the “noise” and remain invested, and the ability to be patient.

Stepping back for a moment, I strongly encourage you to attend this evening’s event. Matt is a world-class investor who is going to share with you trends and ideas that could make you wealthy. But if you don’t attend, I hope you’ll keep in mind the following realities about investing …

We’re not wired to be successful, so achieving life-changing “EMC”-type returns requires strength and discipline that must be intentionally cultivated.

For example, take an investment sector we write about frequently in the Digest — legalized marijuana.

Marijuana has already created massive wealth for some investors. But going forward, it’s going to create even more riches after we see meaningful legislative reform on the federal level.

But does that mean those gains will come easily with no stress or worries?

Absolutely not. The truth is a great many investors will get shaken out of their marijuana positions and will see investment fortunes slip through their fingers.

Consider this …

The closest parallel to what’s happening with marijuana today is what happened with alcohol when Prohibition ended back in the 1930s. In both situations, sweeping legislative reform radically changed the investment implications of an industry.

So, did the repeal of Prohibition mean that all alcohol investors suddenly made millions?

No — in fact, many alcohol investors had to sit through huge losses shortly after Prohibition.

The chart below from Barron’s shows the run-up in stock prices of select alcohol companies leading up to Prohibition, followed by knife-edge declines.

For example, U.S. Industrial Alcohol jumped over 260% in the run-up to Prohibition … only to see more than 60% of its value gutted within roughly a year after Prohibition ended.

Look at the losses across the board …

Source: Barron’s

If you were an alcohol investor, would you have sold your investment as its value fell lower and lower? I’m sure there would have been that temptation. After all, in that moment, locking in some gains would have felt better than nothing, right? And you certainly don’t want to lose money on the investment.

Imagine if this was happening now. I can hear the legion of financial talking heads on the TV saying how “all the profits in alcohol have been made” and “the glory days are over and anyone who invests now has missed the party.”

However, if you’d listened to such noise shortly after Prohibition, you’d have then missed the huge gains that followed in later years. For example, as the 1930s progressed after the end of Prohibition, Anheuser-Busch saw its profits explode nearly 17-fold … in just five years.

And obviously, that’s nothing compared to the growth that investors in the company enjoyed over the subsequent decades.

***Below is how I illustrated this idea in a prior Digest

Too many investors lose track of the big picture. They let short-term fears derail them from long-term wealth.

In essence, they see this …

Which results in a panicked sale … which means they end up missing this …

But look closer at the chart above, especially beneath the “green arrow” upslope.

See all the “busts” along the way?

Some of those are likely 20% – 50% losses on value. Could you hang on?

Take Amazon. Everyone loves to reference how much money an early investor in Amazon would have made. But did you know that in the Dot.com bust, Amazon lost more than 90% of its value … in just two years?

Would you have remained invested?

Back to marijuana … Will it repeat alcohol’s boom-bust-boom curve?

I don’t know. It might. If it does, will you have the discipline and patience to stay invested?

***The kind of “walk-away-wealth” we all want requires two fundamental things

First, it requires the right trends and specific investments riding those trends for 10X+ returns.

Second, it requires the discipline and patience to allow the investment time to generate the financial freedom we want.

As to the first requirement, that’s where Matt McCall comes in. It’s Matt’s job to do the research, finding the huge trends and related stocks that are most likely to be tomorrow’s 1,000%+ winners. Fortunately, he has a track record of doing this — 16 different times now.

So, that job is out of our hands … fortunately. Let’s trust him with this.

Our job is discipline and patience. I’d love to be able to promise you huge gains overnight. Something like “Matt has a stock that we expect to explode 1,000% within two months!” — I’m sure attendance at tonight’s event would skyrocket with that type of promise.

But that’s not realistic.

The truth is while these types of life-changing investment returns can come in shorter periods, they usually require many years — as did EMC. So, that’s the mindset we must adopt.

But look at the reward for waiting in that case …

$10,000 turned into $7 million.

Do you have the discipline for that? The patience? Can you keep your eyes on the long-term goal and not be derailed when short-term problems come? And they will come, just as they did with Amazon.

Bottom line: Are you willing to invest in a way you haven’t done before, in order to enjoy investment wealth you haven’t gotten before?

If so, then tonight’s 10X Innovation Summit is for you.

Even if you’re just the slightest bit curious, join us. The event is completely free to watch. And as mentioned early, Matt will be giving away specific stock picks. You can reserve your seat by clicking here.

Hopefully in some years, we’ll look back at tonight’s event as the before/after moment that led to the financial freedom we’ll enjoy tomorrow.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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