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This Roadmap of Full Services Offshore Banking ICO is Stirring up Fintech Companies; Inside Victorieum

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2018 / Cryptocurrencies have been trending on the news and social media for quite some time now, but somehow haven't been able to gain traction towards mass acceptance. Certain security and safety related concerns have deterred mass adoption of crypto with several incidents of hacking of millions of dollars' worth cryptocurrency being stolen from user accounts. Another problem which is deterring mass adoption of cryptocurrency is the complex nature of various crypto-based platforms which are too complicated for the average investors who do not have much knowledge about these platforms and simply wish to invest in cryptocurrency.

Victorieum intends to change this and more; using the blockchain technology and plans to set up a full-service cryptocurrency exchange. This platform is predicted to be a next-generation crypto-platform. Its advanced architecture assures users the speed and stability while offering the best features of the blockchain technology for eliminating the barriers within the cryptocurrency market.

How does Victorieum plan to do it?

It all began in January 2018 with the Victorieum team having its eureka moment of transforming the world of centralised financial services with the help of blockchain technology. After months of research and development, Victorieum token was finally available on pre-sale at a 40% discount following which the VTM token was made available to the public at 1cent/token. This token was listed in various crypto-exchanges and is now listed on Victorieum's own platform upon its launch. This enables a seamless service to the token holders and customers.

The Victorieum intends to cause a major shift in the financial services and banking industry with its full-service offshore crypto-based banking system. The Victorieum platform allows investors in making transparent investments in crypto-based assets, trade in crypto-based assets and conducts transactions using crypto-based assets, irrespective of the regulations about cryptocurrency and crypto-based assets within the country of the investor. Being a full-service off-shore crypto-based banking system, the Victoreum's platform and its operations are free of all external influences and functions as a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Using its full-service off-shore crypto-based banking system, the Victorieum's platform will be able to disburse loans backed by crypto-based assets and cryptocurrencies. Victorieum's platform intends to launch a wide array of features in coming time

Some Features and Services offered by the Victorieum platform

Victorieum's platform can be truly referred as a full-service off-shore crypto-based banking system due to its below-mentioned features and function which makes it unique in the world of cryptocurrency -

  • Current Accounts - Just like a regular current account, individuals and corporations will be able to open and operate current accounts and utilise crypto-based payments and transaction for their business transactions.

  • Fixed Deposits - Just like regular fixed deposits, the platform allows users to open a fixed deposit using cryptocurrencies.

  • Savings Account - Similar to a regular savings account, users will be able to transact and hold cryptocurrency in their savings account.

  • Credit Cards - The platform plans to issue debit and credit cards to investors of Victorieum.

  • Investment Services - The Victorieum's platform also offers a wide array of investment services such as private wealth management, insurance advisory, asset management and other services related to investment. These investments will be made using cryptocurrency and the VTM token.

  • The Passive Income Program of the platform allows the user to increase the value of the VTM token and earn monthly yield dividends of almost.

  • The Victorieum platform also plans to offer to lend of instant loans at a low rate of interest of 14%. These loans will be backed by cryptocurrencies, will be easy to apply and can be approved within 24 hours.

Victorieum platform aims to provide all features and services of a centralised financial market using the blockchain technology towards delivering a superior quality for enabling a better experience for the customer.

Media Contact:

Email id: info@victorieum.io
Website: https://www.victorieum.io
TG Group: https://t.me/victorieumtoken

SOURCE: Victorieum