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Roadrunner Restoration Talks About Why a Dehumidifier is Important

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2020 / We've all heard of relative humidity, but do you know what that phrase means? Most people think it describes the amount of moisture in the air, but there's a little more to it. It means the amount of humidity in the air at a specific temperature compared to the amount of maximum humidity that could be held in the air at that same temperature. Clear as mud, right? Here, Lloyd Swiggum from Roadrunner Restoration explains about humidity in your home and why it's important to understand what it can do.

"Humidity is a normally good thing," Lloyd says. Some moisture in the air is essential to be comfortable, he adds. However, too much can be a bad thing, especially when catastrophic water damage has occurred like that caused by water damage or fire.

"When Roadrunner Restoration comes in to assess the damage after a catastrophe in your home, fast correction of humidity levels is one of our top priorities," he says. "It's our goal to preserve your home as much as possible." Lloyd of Roadrunner Restoration says he has seen firsthand some of the effects that can occur from not controlling the humidity levels in a home. Some signs of high humidity and possible moisture damage, he adds, include condensation on the inside of window glass, stains from moisture or leaking along the tops of walls, and bathrooms that show mold growth or that smell musty or moldy.

"Most people aren't aware of the irreversible damage that can be caused when you don't control the moisture in the home," he adds. The damage can even cause rotting in the structural areas of your home. High humidity can also draw in pests looking for humid conditions in which to live. Most of all, Lloyd says, living in high humidity conditions can cause severe health issues since invisible or hidden mold, fungi, and dust mites all thrive in humid conditions.

"When Roadrunner Restoration comes in," he says, "we use industrial-strength dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture from the air." A dehumidifier is a cost-effective appliance for removing excess water from the air before it causes structural damage or health issues. Lloyd says their industrial-strength dehumidifiers have powerful fans which draw room air through the appliances. The air passes by a cold coil, which causes the air to condense. The water that accumulates drips down into a holding tank that is emptied periodically. The now dehumidified air passes by a hot coil to be warmed back up before it flows out into the room. The process continues until the thermostat senses the humidity in the room is back to normal range.

Lloyd of Roadrunner Restoration says dehumidifiers must be used correctly to help prevent overheating. According to Robson Forensics, some of the dehumidifiers designed for home usage have caused millions of dollars of damage. These incidents have caused several recalls of dehumidifiers due to malfunctioning heating coils that overheat, causing a fire.

Most manufacturers recommend 8-12 inches of space between it and any adjacent wall, Lloyd of Roadrunner Restoration says. The filter needs to be changed or cleaned periodically to ensure constant airflow through the appliance. He says it's also important to use the appliance in an enclosed area with doors and windows shut, as this prevents the unit from running continuously which could lead to overheating. Lastly, the coils need to be cleaned periodically to prevent dust and dirt buildup on the coils, since buildup is likely to cause stress on the fan and freezing of the coils, both of which can lead to the compressor overheating.

If you want to control the humidity in your home, Lloyd of Roadrunner Restoration says a dehumidifier is the way to go. But when it comes to catastrophic damage and resultant moisture issues, don't leave your home's humidity to chance -- call the professionals at Roadrunner Restoration (888-950-1616) to restore your home to its normal relative humidity levels before it's too late.


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