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Robert DeNiro suing former assistant for $6 million after wild “Friends” binge

Mike Cherico

Robert DeNiro’s production company, Canal Productions, has filed a lawsuit against a former employee for $6 Million for corporate sabotage, embezzling money and a wild  viewing binge of the hit series, “Friends.”

Chase Robinson, who began as DeNiro’s assistant in 2008, is the former employee accused in the lawsuit of watching 55 episodes of Jennifer Aniston’s starring sitcom “Friends” over four days according to reporting by Variety

On top of the Netflix bender, the suit which was filed in New York last Saturday, also alleges that Robinson fleeced the company with expensive dinners, hotel charges, Uber rides and other non-business related expenses charged to her company American Express card. Robinson has also been accused of using millions of DeNiro’s frequent flyer miles for personal use.

In the 11 years of employment with DeNiro, Robinson rose to "vice president of production and finance," according to the suit which lists her 2019 salary at $300,000.00. Robinson finally left the company in April after being suspected of “corporate sabotage,” says the legal filing.

Towards the end of her employment, Robinson rarely entered the office says the suit, which states that she also enjoyed watching “Schitt’s Creek” and “Arrested Development,” on streaming service Netflix.


Her favorite restaurants included Paola’s in New York where she allegedly racked up almost $13,000 in elicit charges and Caviar in San Francisco.

“Watching shows on Netflix was not in any way part of or related to the duties and responsibilities of Robinson’s employment,” the suit explains.

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