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Rock Pink Donation to Help Cancer Patients in Continued Healing

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Jan 16, 2013) - The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute's (FHCI) Breast Cancer Survivorship Program recently received $15,000 from Rock Pink, a local non-profit dedicated to raising breast health awareness, to help patients with the issues they might face physically, mentally and emotionally when returning to a normal life as they go into remission. 

"You spend so much time going through treatment that you don't always think about what will really come next," said Dixie Morgan, breast cancer survivor. "You are expected to go back to a normal life when you don't necessarily feel normal. You don't realize how difficult it is to readjust to your old life until you are faced with it."

Healthcare professionals with the Florida Hospital Survivorship Program help develop a personalized care plan to ease patients back into life post-treatment. They provide survivors with support not only for the body but also the mind and spirit, while catering to their unique spiritual and emotional needs.

As part of this program, patients can participate in workshops that teach them strategies to help them cope with the stress of cancer treatment. Counseling is also available to patients and their families to provide an extra level of emotional support. Since diet and exercise are such important aspects to living a healthy life, there is a nutrition counseling program available along with a fitness program for recovering patients.

"In 2011, Rock Pink contributed $10,000 to support Florida Hospital's Eden Spa, a spa that specializes in the needs of cancer patients, and donated over $20,000 worth of iPads to our chemotherapy floors. They have continued to support cancer patients year after year and this gift is another amazing contribution," said Dr. David Decker, medical director at FHCI. "This organization really understands there are so many needs for cancer patients outside of the medical treatment and strives to help meet them."

About Rock Pink
Rock Pink is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is on a mission to bring music and humanity together center stage while raising breast health awareness and supporting local breast cancer programs. Organizations like Libby's Legacy, the Young Survival Coalition, Florida Hospital's Eden Spa, and MD Anderson - Orlando are among those who have received financial and volunteer support from Rock Pink. Rock Pink has reached out to hundreds of thousands of Central Floridians, spreading the message "Get to Know Your Breasts™" through musical events, social gatherings and partnerships with local organizations and media. Rock Pink is a volunteer organization; no salaries are received by any member of the Board or volunteers. For more info: RockPink.com.