Rockhurst University Launches Online Ed.D. Programs for Higher Ed, K-12 and Health Care Education Leadership

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Kansas City, Feb. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kansas City, Missouri -

Rockhurst University is transforming learning for education leaders by introducing a two-year Online Ed.D. in Education and Leadership program with three in-demand concentrations. This 100% online, part-time program allows aspiring education leaders to continue working while earning a doctorate degree in education. In the new online program, students will complete a doctoral capstone research project and compile learnings into a publishable article and presentation.

This virtual presentation to education leaders gives doctoral candidates the opportunity to showcase their work and thought leadership, as well as bridge the gap between theory and practice. Unlike a traditional thesis in which the doctoral candidate must argue a hypothesis, the capstone project allows candidates to directly address a current issue in their field and offer data-informed solutions that can shape the future of education.

The higher education sector, K-12 schools, and health care institutions all rely on competent leadership to improve outcomes. For instance, K-12 leadership development can help retain principals and teachers, improve academic performance, build a culture of trust in school communities, and encourage student success both in and out of the classroom. In addition, reports show that a shortage of health care educators, specifically a lack of qualified nursing program faculty, has exasperated the national nursing shortage.

To meet the need for educators who inspire, train, and teach the next generation of leaders, Rockhurst University recognizes the value and importance of offering specialized pathways for tomorrow's educators and offers three concentrations:

K-12 Educational Leadership: Today’s youth depend on passionate teachers to lead and guide their education, career choices, and future. Rockhurst University’s Ed.D. in Education and Leadership program’s K-12 Leadership concentration allows professionals to bring leadership to today’s rapidly changing primary and secondary education environments.

Higher Education: Students enrolled in the Higher Education concentration learn how to design university curricula, leverage modern technologies for virtual teaching platforms, and work in college and university settings. Graduates of the Higher Education concentration will have the credentials to qualify for university faculty and administrative roles and be prepared to make an impact in the future of higher education.

Health Care Education: Health care practitioners require highly qualified educators and adequate training to deliver high-quality care. Rockhurst University’s Health Care Education concentration will prepare educators to address the health care educator shortage with specialized teaching methods and program plans aligned with accreditation processes. Ed.D. students with a Health Care Education concentration will be equipped to lead the newest generation of educators and practitioners upon completion of the program.

An online Ed.D. program enables educators to acquire relevant experience, increased career opportunities, and greater compensation when transitioning from the classroom to their employment. In all concentrations, students enrolled in Rockhurst University’s online Ed.D. program will learn the following:

Educational Systems and Policy: Students in all concentrations will learn about the history of educational frameworks, the evolution of pedagogical practices, key issues that influence current teaching models, and the potential future of the educational system. This foundational knowledge gives doctoral candidates greater context to shape policies, curriculum, pedagogy, and administrative leadership roles within their organization.

Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum: After building a deeper understanding of the history of teaching, students learn how to draw on existing theories to build their educational leadership competencies by designing curricula, assessing program effectiveness, and measuring student outcomes. This allows them to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world applications.

Applied Research: In the third essential pillar of the Ed.D. program, students combine theoretical and practical knowledge to complete a research project. The final research project utilizes qualitative and quantitative research methods to offer a solution to a modern-day challenge. This research project will vary depending on the student’s chosen pathway. For example, a student enrolled in the Health Care
Education pathway would investigate current issues within the health care industry.

Rockhurst University’s Online Ed.D. in Education and Leadership program is open to graduates with master’s degrees in any field and also available to students with 33 completed graduate credits. The program can be completed in six semesters over two years – faster than many alternative Ed.D. programs. Rockhurst values accessible education, and as such, Rockhurst’s program is highly affordable. The program is ideal for motivated and passionate professionals who wish to accelerate their journey to shape the future of learning as educational leaders.

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