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Provide Rockstar Parking with EasyALPR Parking Enforcer

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today EasyALPR released Parking Enforcer, a website and iPhone app that automatically catch parking violations, saving countless labor hours and dramatically improving access to great parking.

The EasyALPR iPhone app rapidly scans vehicles, allowing hundreds of cars to be scanned within minutes. The app reads each vehicle's plate number, captures a photo and records both the GPS location and time. All of this information is then uploaded and processed into private, searchable records on the EasyALPR.com website.

Parking Enforcer replaces chalk, clipboards and spreadsheets by notifying patrollers of suspected parking violations as they walk their routes. Patrollers can review a history of violation evidence on-the-go using their mobile browser and can then immediately place warnings, write tickets or tow vehicles as appropriate.

Parking Enforcer enables collaboration using a shared dashboard that displays real-time vehicle sightings, suspected violations and enforcement actions. This dashboard decreases the potential for incorrect violation enforcement and enables timely and efficient customer service.

Bill Grant, CFO of Cummings Properties in Boston, MA has been a beta customer of Parking Enforcer and has deployed the product at three commercial properties in the New England area. "We are dedicated to ensuring that our properties have ample parking for our leasing clients and their customers. Parking Enforcer has delivered automation that saves our facility managers time while offering unparalleled record keeping of vehicles breaking the rules on our properties," said Grant.

"EasyALPR Parking Enforcer is a game-changer for commercial properties, schools, and airports. Keeping track of hundreds of cars every day is extremely challenging and many drivers take advantage of this," said Robert Banagale, the founder behind EasyALPR. "Parking Enforcer lets you focus on the worst offenders and provides the evidence you need to take appropriate action."

Parking Enforcer offers a free trial followed by monthly and annual subscription options. Enterprise plans are also available to fit a variety of parking enforcement needs. The EasyALPR scanning app is free for both iPhone and iPad.

EasyALPR is a leader in parking enforcement technology with customers in real estate, homeowner associations (HOA) and municipalities. For additional information or to try Parking Enforcer, visit www.easyalpr.com.



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