A ‘rogue’ group of staffers is tweeting secrets from the White House

There’s no question about it, technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to the way we consume news. Social media — and especially Twitter — was an important weapon for Donald Trump as he ascended to the ultimate position in the country. On the flip side, the same weapon that he wields to disseminate his own versions of the truth, to attack anyone who’d criticize him and to rant about whatever comes to mind, can also be used against him.



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Over the last few days, various anti-Trump rogue organizations have formed, and they’re all tweeting to get the word out. The most prominent such account is called Rogue POTUS Staff (@RoguePOTUSStaff), and it’s run by unknown, unhappy individuals who are supposedly working for the Trump administration.

There’s no way to verify the authenticity of the newly minted Twitter channel, but the rogues have already posted many tweets detailing inside information from the White House.

The Twitter account went viral in a matter of days — it was created on January 26th and it reached more than 298,000 followers since then. Here are some of the messages posted by the rogue staffers. As you can see, the rogues have been quite prolific on Trump’s first week in office:

First tweet


On who the (un)holy trinity is


On Trump








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On conflict of interest


On Russia






On immigration







On inauguration


On the wall


On vote fraud





On Obamacare


On staff






On rogues





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