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ROKK3R Inc. Launches Advisory Committee

Inaugural members include former Sunglass Hut co-owner/CEO Dean Ziff and real estate titan Steve Rhodes

MIAMI, Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ROKK3R Inc. (ROKK), a global idea-to-exit company builder headquartered in Miami, Florida (the "Rokk3r"), today announced the addition of Dean Ziff and Steve Rhodes to its advisory committee.

Created in 2018, the Advisory Committee is responsible for offering the Board of Directors and Rokk3r advice regarding strategic business expansion, including development and location of new satellite offices (Rokk3r Hubs), mergers and acquisitions, and representation of Rokk3r and its brand. Ziff and Rhodes bring key expertise from decades of entrepreneurial success.

A former co-owner of global eyewear retailer Sunglass Hut, Ziff is credited with extending the company's reach to international scale as Chief Operating Officer and CEO. In 2001, Sunglass Hut was acquired for nearly $700 million by the world's largest eyewear company, Luxottica Group.

"Like Rokk3r, Miami is where Sunglass Hut began, and, like Rokk3r, Sunglass Hut drew on both local and international talent to scale into a global powerhouse. I look forward to lending my expertise in international business development to help Rokk3r further expand," Ziff said.

Rhodes has decades-long track record of business success, particularly within the real estate industry, where his developments and investments in transitioning neighborhoods such as Wynwood, Little River and Little Haiti made a significant impact on Miami's evolution.

"I've watched Miami transform into a sophisticated city with a diverse economy, and in recent years, technology has been a major driver of that. Rokk3r has been a big influence in that arena, and I hope to contribute my business acumen to the overall vision of the organization," adds Rhodes.

"The addition of Steve and Dean to our advisory committee is a special milestone in the history of Rokk3r," said Rokk3r CEO Nabyl Charania. "Their success, networks and deep understanding of Rokk3r's pioneering and global vision means that we are further empowered to add greater value to the market and to our massive transformative purpose. I look forward to engaging Steve and Dean in strategic decision-making and execution around the key growth initiatives of Rokk3r."

About ROKK3R Inc.
The ROKK3R ecosystem is a hybrid network of human and machine intelligence systems that enable frictionless, accelerated and comprehensive company building. Rokk3r takes into consideration modern economic theories (abundance), exponential organizations (ExOs) factors, exponential technologies like machine learning, AI and the blockchain, increased global connectivity, and rise of a collective global genius to optimize rates of success in company building. Rokk3r is unleashing the next generation of global entrepreneurship by providing access to education, idea validation, team creation and experts to crowd build successful ventures.

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