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The roller coaster national title game made one fan destroy his door

Monday night’s national title game between Georgia and Alabama was a roller coaster. First it was Georgia, then Alabama, then the game was tied, then a missed field goal sent it into overtime, and finally Alabama emerged victorious.

Between the interceptions, the penalties (both called and not called), the missed field goals, and all the sideline drama, there were many, many chances for fans of either team to completely lose their minds. So this video of one such fan should surprise no one.

That guy is going to need a new door.

You can’t really tell what happened during the game to make him completely Hulk out on his door like that. The game was so bonkers that he could be a fan of either team and still have had a reason to do that. Was it the interception thrown by Georgia that deflected off of an Alabama player? Or was it Alabama’s missed field goal in the closing seconds of regulation? Or almost any other highlight moment from the game?

We may never know the true affiliation of Door Guy, or what else he may have destroyed in his apartment. But if he’s a Georgia fan, his apartment might look a lot like this, the apartment of a very angry (and disappointed) Georgia fan:

Scratch the “new door” from the list, just put down “new everything.” That should about cover it.

A fan watching the national title game between Georgia and Alabama got so angry he completely destroyed his door. (Twitter/@barstoolsports)

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