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The Roman Army's Second Expedition to America

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Dec. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- David X. Kenney, independent historical researcher and owner of Roman Officer, Inc. announces he has evidence from Europe of a second expedition to North America by the Roman Army in mid-2nd century AD.

Kenney announced seven years ago his belief based on Roman artifact finds in North America, that the Roman Army first arrived there in the 1st century AD at the direction of the Roman Emperors Vespasian/Titus.  

Clues about the second expedition came from a lead votive Kenney purchased from a collector in York, England. The votive originates from a vexillatio (detachment) of Legion I Italica and was associated with the temple of Hercules at Eboracum (present day York), during the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius (138 to 161 AD).  It resembles a Roman writing tablet with art and inscriptions, both Roman and non-Roman. Interestingly, an inscription on an altar found at Old Kilpatrick, Scotland approximately 225 miles from York indicates a centurion from Legion I Italica was in charge of the unit building the Antonine Wall there around 140 AD. 

The votive contains an explicit message concerning the completion or possibly launch of a second western expedition by ship intended to reach Seres (the Roman name for China), which actually was America. This votive was offered in thanks, or as a dedication to the god Hercules; it also has a sword in the stone motif, possibly copied from a shrine at that temple.

Kenney's published research shows the sword in the stone motif was not limited to medieval Arthurian stories, but rather was used by the Romans and other ancient peoples as a symbol for magnetic north related to navigation (the water compass) and also the North Sea. 

Kenney has additional Roman artifacts from Europe, Central Asia and East Asia that reveal more details about the first expedition to America, and Roman legionaries along the Silk Road. Evidence shows that most, but not all, of these legionaries were taken prisoner by the Parthians.

Kenney also has some evidence of a third expedition to America in the late 2nd century, and has seen photos of artifacts indicating Roman visits to America as late as the 5th or 6th century. 

Kenney will be releasing details and pictures of the votive on romanofficer.com soon.

Contact: David X. Kenney


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