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The "Romania - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report provides an overview of Romania's fast-developing telecommunications market, covering regulatory developments, major players and fixed-line infrastructure, and offering a variety of operational and financial statistics.

Romania's telecoms market continues to evolve under the influence of competition and technological change. Alternative operators have launched competing services in the liberalised fixed-line voice market, with cable TV operators such as UPC being particularly successful in attracting new customers.

The market overall continues to evolve with operators expanding into the provision of multiple services. To this end, Vodafone Group acquired Liberty Global's local unit UPC Romania in May 2018, thus allowing Vodafone Romania to compete more effectively with the service offerings from orange Romania and telekom Romania. All operators are investing in network capacity upgrades in response to the shift towards offering IP-delivered content.

Key Developments

  • Regulator adopts Action Plan 2018;
  • Legislation passed to facilitate access to telco infrastructure and public spaces;
  • Government signs off on new NGN strategy;
  • Report update includes the regulators market data to December 2017, State Statistics data for 2017, telcos operating and financial data to Q2 2018, recent market developments.

Companies Mentioned

  • UPC Romania
  • GTS Telecom
  • Telekom Romania
  • SN Radiocomunicatii

Topics Covered

1 Key statistics

2 Country overview

3 Telecommunications market

3.1 Overview and statistics

4 Regulatory environment

4.1 Historic overview

4.2 Regulatory authority

4.3 Telecom sector liberalisation

4.4 Privatisation

4.5 Access

4.6 Interconnect

4.7 Carrier Selection and Carrier PreSelection

4.8 Number Portability (NP)

5 Fixed network operators

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Telekom Romania

6 Telecommunications infrastructure

6.1 Overview of the national telecom network

6.2 International infrastructure

6.3 Wholesale

6.4 Smart infrastructure

List of Tables

Table 1 Top Level Country Statistics and Telco Authorities - Romania 2018 (e)

Table 2 Total telecom market revenue 2013 2016

Table 3 Fixed-line market revenue 2014 2016

Table 4 Fixed-line traffic 2011 2017

Table 5 CS and CPS providers, fixed network 2008 2017

Table 6 CS and CPS lines 2008 2017

Table 7 Annual fixed number portings 2008 2017

Table 8 Fixed-line market share by subscribers 2008 2017

Table 9 Fixed-lines in service, by operator 2008 2017

Table 10 Fixed-line subscribers 2014 2018

Table 11 Telekom Romania fixed-line revenue 2005 2018

Table 12 Telekom Romania fixed-line telephony subscribers 2006 2018

Table 13 Telekom Romania broadband and TV subscribers 2011 2018

Table 14 Historical Fixed lines in service and teledensity (by population) 2000 2009

Table 15 Fixed lines in service and teledensity (by population) 2010 2019

Table 16 International internet bandwidth 2000 2016

List of Charts

Chart 1 Fixed-line traffic 2011 2017

Chart 2 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2005 2019

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1 Access, the local loop and unbundling an overview

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