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Ron Swanson is deeply offended that Donald Trump went into politics

Tricia Gilbride

First step: If you have bacon on the frying pan, please finish cooking it to the desired level of crispiness to enjoy while you read this earth-shattering news. 


Private citizen Nick Offerman has somehow gotten in touch with political influencer Ron Swanson to get his thoughts on the 2016 presidential election, and plans for the ballot may surprise you. 

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"Ron wouldn't think much of Trump," writes Offerman. "First of all, he'd be very sad that a business man entered politics. Huge step backwards."

Trump's betrayal of the private sector is beyond forgiveness. Offerman also cites Swanson's belief in treating women like people as a reason he's not down with the Donald. 

And so, given no other options, Swanson deems Clinton the most tolerable candidate of them all, though certainly not as ideal as Willie Nelson.

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