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Ronnie Renner Clears 35 Feet at Red Bull Raising the Bar in Atlanta

Photo Credit: Robert Snow / Red Bull Content Pool Click here for high-resolution version

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2013) - Professional motocross rider Ronnie Renner demonstrated his Step Up against the skyline of Midtown Atlanta, GA, in front of an audience of 2,100, this weekend. Renner had the exciting and rare opportunity to practice his Step Up before he defends his gold medal at X Games Los Angeles next week.

Ronnie cleared an eye catching 35 feet over the bar, and he expects to raise the bar higher next week. Other freestyle motocross riders Brody Wilson, Clint Esposito and Tom Parsons were also on site, entertaining the crowd with backflips, whips, and other tricks, leaving fans cheering for more.

"I enjoyed being able to bring Step Up home to the South," said Renner. "I've never gotten practice like this before. Atlanta has great red clay, and I'm feeling really confident going into next week with this under my belt."

Step Up is similar to high jump, except with a bike. Riders speed off a ramp and over a bar, which is continuously raised higher until only one rider can clear the bar without touching it. In 2012, Renner landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest Step Up, with an apex of 47 feet. With his practice this past weekend, Renner hopes to add another gold to his collection.

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