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Rosetta Genomics cancer origin test incorporated into Altos Solutions' OncoEMR

Rosetta Genomics announces that the Rosetta Cancer Origin Test will be incorporated into Altos Solutions Electronic Medical Records system, OncoEMR. Beginning November 1, Rosetta's Cancer Origin Test will be available through the Altos OncoEMR system as part of a three-faceted program to help oncologists determine the tumor origin in patients with Cancer of Unknown or Uncertain Primary. The first step in providing clinical decision support is OncoEMR's proprietary identification logic to determine eligible CUP patients. Next, OncoEMR automates test ordering by incorporating the ordering process directly into the practices' workflow. Ultimately, the system will provide oncologists with an automated result-reporting feature that will be incorporated into the oncologists' workflow via the Rosetta physicians' web portal, which is both HIPAA and HL7 compliant.