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RoundTower Expands Vulnerability Remediation through ServiceNow Security Operations Management


RoundTower Technologies, LLC announced that Consulting Security Engineer, Robert Hill, recently attained the ServiceNow accreditation in Security Operations Management; establishing RoundTower as one of the select few ServiceNow implementers with this accreditation combined with the added distinction of a dedicated CISSP resources on-staff. The accreditation ensures partners can install, configure, and use the ServiceNow Security Operations tools to identify and counter threats and vulnerabilities within any organization. Using a comprehensive tool such as ServiceNow for security response management is critical for organizations because it creates a safety net that mitigates the risk of human error. Cyberthreats can strike anytime without warning but ServiceNow can automatically trigger a series of escalating alerts and responses, based on the preferences of the customer.

“The ServiceNow Security Operations module fills an important need for our customers,” says Andrew Gallimore, RoundTower’s Practice Manager for ServiceNow. “In the 21st century, it seems like a new threat is emerging nearly every minute of the day. The global cost to business is expected to top $4 Trillion by 2021 but the real costs can’t be measured in money. How do you put a price on your reputation or the trust of customers? Every company needs a thorough, proactive security response and ServiceNow is the best solution available.”

ServiceNow accelerates enterprise security response by connecting workflow and systems management with security data from leading vendors. This provides a single platform that can be shared between security and IT. Better visibility, predefined workflows, and automated threat intelligence allows teams to spend less time managing simple tasks and more on preventing advanced attacks. Customizable reports and dashboards display current security status, and allow prioritizing of incidents by business impact, specific to the customer’s environment. Automated task hand-off and alert channeling reduces the risk that issues will be accidentally dropped or overlooked. These features, along with many others, make ServiceNow one of the strongest possible approaches to Security Operations Management.

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An Introduction to RoundTower Technologies

RoundTower Technologies is a systems integrator that provides innovative solutions and services in the areas of data center infrastructure, converged platforms, cloud automation and orchestration, DevOps, and data analytics. RoundTower is helping enable its customers to drive positive business outcomes by becoming more agile and efficient through the use of technology.

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