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Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle's Celebrity Status Is Not Sustainable

Sarah Veldman
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ride on a carriage

After the recent announcement from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that they would be stepping back from royal duties, everyone and their mother was shocked and had an opinion.

Some have given kudos to the couple (mostly celebrity "friends" who clearly want to increase their status), some have mercilessly criticized the decision, and many are feeling so-so about it, waiting to see what happens with finances and tax payers money.

But, what we can all agree on, is that we don't really know what the future holds for the Sussexes, though many have speculated.


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Author Stephen Bates Gave His Insights

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Stephen Bates, author of Royalty Inc: Britain's Best-Known Brand has recently given his opinion on what he thinks will happen to the duo, who make headlines daily now for the constant drama that seems to surround them.

He spoke to The Guardian, claiming the couple's royal status will only take them so far. He said, "Their association, via their name, is chiefly what they have."

This is definitely true, as Meghan wasn't a hugely well-known actress until she married Harry, and of course, Harry wouldn't be seen as any different from a random guy on the street if he wasn't born into the royal family.

There isn't anything entirely special about the couple, other than the circumstances they found themselves in.

He Questioned How Far Their Celebrity Status Will Take Them

Bates questioned how far their current celebrity status would really take them in the future, saying, "All this stuff about huge marketing opportunities, and people talking up 'their brand' and how much it will earn them. Obviously their celebrity will carry them so far – but in a year or two's time, what are they going to do?"

This is a good point, and something many have questioned. They may be one of the most famous couples on the planet right now, especially after their recent announcement, but the world is a fickle place and there is a reason we have the saying, "15 minutes of fame."

They Already Tried To Awkwardly Pitch Themselves To Disney

Clearly, they are already trying to find work to become "financially independent," as video recently emerged showing the couple trying to get voice over work.

They were caught on tape, awkwardly pitching themselves to Disney CEO Bob Iger, and asking John Favreau about working with him.

Author Bates, continued, "I can see a lot of parties with Harry standing in the corner and people saying, 'There's the bloke who used to be in the royal family.'"

Ouch! It seems like a petty thing to say, though there could be a lot of truth to it.

Will They Become Nothing More Than "Instagram Influencers?"

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

While things are only just happening, and the light at the end of Buckingham Palace has appeared, the Sussexes appear somewhat naive as to how things may turn out for them in the future.

Everyone may want to work with them right now, but in a few years time, it's likely they will be just another pair of celebrities struggling to find work, and doing reality shows and commercials to financially support the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to.

Or, even worse, they might end up as nothing more than Instagram "influencers." The horror the Queen would feel at that would be something to behold.